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Hey everybody,

I updated the Metashape JAR in my java project to version 1.8.2. and run into a problem. I generated a georeferenced point cloud with ground control points. When I open the project everything is fine.
However, if I like to continue working with the java code and print the trackID + coordinates of my (sparse) point cloud, e.g. using this command:

for (int p = 0; p < pointCloud.get().getPoints().get().getSize(); p++) {
               PointCloud.Point pp = pointCloud.get().getPoints().get().get(p);
               System.out.println(pp.getTrackId() + ","+ pp.getCoord().getX() + "," + pp.getCoord().getY() +","+pp.getCoord().getZ());   
I get an weird result like this:
1617,-1.001014896494884E-14, 0.007812505590406374, 3.4312671939913E-311
1618,-1.4160203828280833E-14, 0.007812505591220983, 3.4333891897823E-311
1619,-3.233755625624215E-14, 0.007812505590504133, 3.4355111855733E-311
1620,-2.344639034314182E-14, 0.007812505590581154, 3.437633181364E-311

Almost all coordinates are 0,0,0 (rounded). When I open the project in the GUI, I can see the correctly determined sparse cloud (coordinates are as expected...).
Furthermore, I got an error when I try to calculate the reprojection error by camera.getError (pt (3D), proj (2)) -> "Exception in thread "main" java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: invalid array length" using the Vector from points.get(pointIdx).getCoord(). The 2D projections look good and plausible.

The entire procedure worked before the update!
What I´m doing wrong now?

Thank you very much!

General / Add further floating license
« on: January 25, 2022, 11:35:43 AM »

Some time ago we bought 5 floating licenses to work with Metashape Professional. The licenses are managed using the RLM License Administration tool.
Now we bought another license and I was wondering how to add this new license in RLM to our running system? (So that we can use 6 licenses at the same time)?
When I try to add this using this instruction I get an error "Alternate hostID Activation failed: HostID already exists" at stage 5.

Could you please provide an instruction on how to add more licenses?

Thanks and all the best,

Python and Java API / Java API: Filter dense cloud by confidence
« on: April 28, 2021, 09:46:41 AM »
Hey @all,

I integrate Metashape into my workflows using the Java API. Unfortunately, the documentation is a bit " sparse" but with a lot of trial and error I have always reached my goal - until now. I have to filter my dense cloud by confidence. I found a nice workflow in this forum using the Python API ( but I am not able to reproduce using the Java API.

My question is: How to filter dense clouds by confidence using the Java API? The calculation of point confidence has been set 'true' in 'BuildDenseCloud'.

Thanks a lot and stay well,

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