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Bug Reports / Metashape doesn't like long paths (260+) on Windows.
« on: June 24, 2021, 08:51:53 PM »
I have been using descriptive filenames, which tend to get quite long, and it seems to have caused Metashape to fail.
When ms had completed creating depth maps, and moved onto creating the mesh from them, it came up with some errors saying that files weren't accessable, couldn't read or write to them... can't remember exactly, sorry.
As a hunch, i thought about my long filenames/paths, so shortened it and reran build mesh and it completed just fine.

So, by default,  Windows 10 doesn't like paths that exceed 260 characters.  But since 1607 you can enable support for them.  I did (do) have them enabled on my system.
Registry key, set to 1:
Code: [Select]
Could ms be made to work with long paths on windows, if they're enabled?  Or at least be aware of them so that the error messages point to them causing the errors in processing?

Background info:

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