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Also, Sequential fails to align U-pattern, 'mowing the lawn' scans, even when there's good side overlap.  Which is surprising, as this type of scanning is so, so common.
They're aligned sequentially, but when you look at the side overlaps, you see there's two surfaces, that are not joined...doh.
How come metashape can't sequentially align them, and then knowing that the two paths are overlapping along their sides, then align them...?

General / Re: How to straighten a 'banana' scan in MS Std?
« on: December 03, 2021, 05:45:01 PM »
As already mentioned, oblique and rotated images add a lot to a more solid bundle adjustment, so certainly give that a try.
I'll integrate it into the 'flight plan' for future scans.  It'll actually allow us to add detail thru the coral frame areas.

After adding a few more scans to add width to the site, it came out much better, leaving a small bow... which you can see in the Sketchfab model here:

But it may also really help to calibrate your Gopros in a more controlled "lab-setup" (this doesn't necessaraly mean photos of a calibration pattern).
Gonna have to learn all that... never needed to do it with my other scans, because they're not as long and 'flat'.  I'll follow the tutorials when the next batch of processing is finished...

I've recently used a few GoPros and their lens distortions are very "challenging", but the cams have their use, just like in your project.
Yep, they're just so convenient for UW, easy to get hold of and fairly capable.  And awesome for filming manta rays on my day off scanning.

The advantage for pre-calibrating Gopros could be that they have a fixed focus, so this parameter will not change.
So you could just try importing the calibration (individually per camera, not just generic per cam model). Of course their will still be some variations in the field (or below water ;) due to temperature differences, general calibration tolerences etc...
With a more complex topography, that naturally involves a lot of oblique, rotated photos anyway, that comes out looking accurate enough, is there any advantages to doing the pre-calibration?  Does it speed anything up? (remembering that my alignment of 20-30k photos takes 3-4 days)

Attached a downsampled pic of the UV-distortion map for a Gopro Hero 10: pretty crazy, especially the corners.
Do you have any experience with the 7-8?  How does it compare with the 10?  There's a big jump in mp and a new chip... So i'm assuming it's a lot better...  If only GoPro would sponsor me and give me 6!  :-*

General / Re: How to straighten a 'banana' scan in MS Std?
« on: December 02, 2021, 06:16:14 PM »
It's a thing of little calibration errors which are adding itself and results to a bended banana model. In standard version the only thing you can do is improving the calibration by improving your shooting pattern for a better on the fly calibration by adding oblique and rolled photos, like you do for lens calibration in Agisoft. Or as Simon Brown suggested you can import a working calibration from another project.
As i'm adding more scans, making it wider, it's a lot, lot less bowed up...
And the shape of the reef i'm scanning is a flat section on top, then a shallow angled slope, then a steeper angled slope that continues down deeper... If i widen the scans more to include more of the flat and deeper steeper sections, perhaps it'll come good?

And adding a couple of scan passes at an oblique angle would help straighten it up?
I could add an oblique scan track or two thru the middle of the site where the coral frames are placed, which will actually add more detail to them.  My cameras are normal to the reef usually.

Feature Requests / Re: Manuals
« on: December 02, 2021, 07:39:05 AM »

Also, where Alexey, etc explains a feature in more depth in forum replies, perhaps some of these explanations could be added to the manual?  That knowledge, information needs to be captured.

The better the manuals, the less forum posts, the quicker new users get up to speed, and optimise their workflow and get better results... This will make MS more valuable, increasing sales.

Good documentation is very important.

General / Re: How to straighten a 'banana' scan in MS Std?
« on: December 02, 2021, 07:25:48 AM »
I don't have pro.

How can i straighten a bowed model with Metashape Standard?

General / Re: How to straighten a 'banana' scan in MS Std?
« on: December 01, 2021, 11:46:36 AM »
Here's some images of a single scan pass (with 3x gopros on the 4m pole) along the reef.
When i combine it with the other scans at different depths (making it wider) it becomes much less bowed, but is still bowed.
I have a full site scan processing, but that might take another 12 hours  :o to finish...  It has an annoying slight bow in it.

General / How to straighten a 'banana' scan in MS Std?
« on: December 01, 2021, 11:21:29 AM »
Until now, the models of my underwater scans using gopro timelapse photos has been almost perfect, geometry wise...
I'm now scanning a long site, with long scans at varying depths, and also having 3 x gopros on a 4m pole...  to make it 3x quicker to scan... (works great!)
But now the long scan shows a banana bend in it, bowing up.

Is there any way of correcting this bow in Metashape Standard?  (i.e. i can't use markers, GCPs :'( )


General / Re: Seabed mapping -> alignment of 100.000 pics
« on: November 21, 2021, 10:44:50 AM »

No as you can see in the screenshot i have a single chunck with some "subchuncks".
All pics allign but these subchuncks do not.


You know what it should look like...  I'm not sure what it should look like, or what your picture shows us...
Should it be just one long scan with a few parallel tracks???  The arrows are confusing...

General / Re: Can metashape 1.7.1 be installed without removing 1.7.4 ?
« on: November 21, 2021, 10:32:29 AM »
ok got that.
I will back up PC just in case.
Do the backup because you should back up... but no real need to for this.

Where will the install of 1.7.1 get the needed key code from ?
It just works.

I dont want 1.7.1 to nuke Photoscan , might it ?
I seem to remember Alexey saying to copy the licence file over for the older versions... but it just works for the newer ones...  I think it'll just keep working as is... As long as you copy over the folder in the same way...  If it's not in the default folder, it won't be touched.  Only the default folder gets updated.

You can have as many versions as you want... You'll just have lots of Metashape n.n.n/Photoscan folders in you /Program Files/Agisoft folder/....  Just name then and their shortcuts to metashape.exe such that you know which one you're starting.

I've had 5 versions installed a while ago.
And it's so easy to download any released version by just editing the download link.
So it's handy for finding out which version a bug was introduced...

If things go tits-up, just fully uninstall, then start again, with the oldest version first, copy-rename, next, and so on.

I still think the Installer could be made such that it would allow for parallel installations... such that going forward, it'll be dead easy...  As in a year or two or more's time, we'll still be talking about this annoyance in juggling versions... as bugs are as certain as taxes and death.

Why cant we have a better newer version, 1.8 looks troubled in initial feedback.
They're allowed to have bugs in 1.8, as it's a pre-release...  If it's released with the known bugs not fixed, then that's not ideal...  I'm just hoping there's some miracle new way of aligning my photos in 1/5 the time!!! lol ... or even a speedup we got from moving to depth maps....  But i fear these big savings may become much, much rarer...

General / Re: Reset View Question
« on: November 19, 2021, 06:37:54 PM »
Hello CheeseAndJamSandwich,

In the next 1.8 update animation track cameras will be no longer considered for Reset View command.
Nice one.

Will Reset View show the extents of the region (or preferable the model) in both x and y as well?  It seems to be only in x...  Which is all fine and dandy, unless you have moved the pane borders, or have an ultrawide monitor... like i do.  Took me ages to work out why it was zoomed in waaaay too much.


General / Re: Gradual selection without GCP's
« on: November 19, 2021, 01:34:51 PM »
I've been doing lots of uw scanning...  using only MS Standard... so no markers...
My scans from gopro timelapse photos produce excellent results, with the only problems coming from understandable things, poor lighting, bad vis, dropping to close to the bottom, surge moving me too fast, so less overlap, etc. etc...
But with the results, especially as uw is a nightmare for clarity, sharpness, the sparse cloud is often quite 'fuzzy'...  And so i do use Gradual Selection, but with relaxed numbers, of 15 for both Reconstruction Uncertainty and  Projection Accuracy...
These generally only remove 1/5 of the points, but they do a good job of removing the fuzzy points that are off the rocks/reef...
I find this does speed up the meshing i think.  And i'm assuming the quality... But I've never quantified this.
I'd love to know a lot more about these GS options, which others i should use, and what values are good for what needs...  The documentation is really not great here...  And the only thing i've found to follow is th USGS workflows... But I'm assuming that the goals for their scanning is vastly different from my UW dive site mappings... 

Any input on GS is desperately needed!!!

What are you scanning, and how's your stereo rig setup?
I have a twin camera setup (i.e. they're not synched), and 3m pitch, (4-5m above the bottom) but only because it makes the scanning of large areas 2 x faster... effectively two divers swimming perfectly parallel for the whole scan...  This give me fantastic data down the middle of the scan, between the cameras! I'm considering putting 3, 4, more on longer poles and closer pitches, and swimming closer to the reef for when we want to scan large rehabilitation sites with better accuracy, resolution, detail...  Easy to assemble two lengths of water pipe underwater and have two divers swim along with it, controlling the 'altitude' of their ends of it.

General / Re: Can metashape 1.7.1 be installed without removing 1.7.4 ?
« on: November 19, 2021, 01:18:03 PM »
Install 1.7.1
Copy it's folder in program files/agisoft/ and rename it to something sensible
so there's now two... Metashape  and Metashape 1.7.1
now install 1.7.4.

the 'Metashape' folder will contain the latest version...  1.7.4
You do have to create a shortcut to metashape.exe that's in the 'Metashape 1.7.1' folder, as the start menu shortcut will only point to the latest version in the 'Metashape' folder...  That shortcut will be put on the desktop when you try and create it...  again, rename it to 'Metashape 1.7.1'

We need a tidier, formal way of doing this properly.  As i've requested.

Alexey.  could we have the version of Metashape displayed in the application title bar please?  optionally, or always.
As it'll be useful to keep track of what version you've loaded a project in, when testing, or avoiding bugs with newer version to do certain tasks with the older versions...  Double clicking on the file will always open the newest...  which, when testing, quite possibly will not be the one you want it to open with!  Then it spits out blobby meshes after hours of processing...  been there, done that...  :'(

General / How to align components in MS Standard?
« on: November 14, 2021, 10:21:46 AM »
Metashape 1.7 has the new Components feature, but the tutorial only shows using Markers to manually align/merge them.

How can we do this in Metashape Standard?

I have a model that's mostly aligned great, but there's a little section missing, in an area where the quality of the data is not great due to the conditions during scanning, but it would likely be possible to align it if i did have access to markers.  The problem area is in shallow water, where the visibility is not good, there's less overlap, and the sun rays completely change the colours of the rocks, so always cause problems during alignment.  The mesh of each bit would probably match up great, but MS just can't align the photos
The missing section/component looks to be aligned ok, but it's just just not connecting to the rest of the model.

Bug Reports / Re: Video import not working (tried 1.7 PC and 1.8 Mac)
« on: November 13, 2021, 05:02:05 PM »
This might work.....
Search Microsoft Store for the "HEVC Video Extensions from the Device Manufacturer" app... i think this will enable the HEVC codec for you...
Also here...

Microsoft want to change you money to install the HEVC codec, but installing this specific app used to bypass this scam...  I don't know if it's still available, but it is still listed in my 'Owned' apps, so i can reinstall it after clean installs.

General / Re: Pausing processing, exiting, reloading, continuing....
« on: November 10, 2021, 04:38:45 PM »
If it could pause as it currently does, but in a way that released the resources, such that a 2nd instance, game, whatever, could then run... that'd be enough.

Alexey,  if i pause it between each subtask, does it release the resources then?  e.g. like as the times that it comes up say it's 'Found 1 GPU in 0 sec', etc....?

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