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General / Re: Aligning 2 laser scans manually
« on: March 18, 2022, 11:47:49 AM »

photos are fine in Photoshop.

Now I find out someting. When I "play" with Show depth maps icon, I am able to display the image in full resolution. I have to turn on "Show Intesity" and then turn off Show depth maps icon. Otherwise only a thumbnail of the image is displayed. It seems a little bit strange and unlogical to me.


General / Aligning 2 laser scans manually
« on: March 18, 2022, 10:49:45 AM »

somehow two of my laser scans did not align (with other laserscans and external 360° camera photos). Still I would like to align them manually. But I am not able to use manual marker matching because the photo of laser scans is displayed in metashape with very bad quaility. The picture should have 4096x2048 but it is not what I see and what I can work with. How can I display it better?

Thanks, Filip

Feature Requests / Improving Measuring tool
« on: March 01, 2022, 01:23:19 PM »

I am quite used to (from other software) functions concering the measuring tool which are missing in Metashape. I would like to measure not only direct slope distance between two points, but also distances in horizontal and vertical planes between the same two points. It is a very handy function.

E.g. a windows has some artefact below and above but still you can find points which are fine. But they are not above each other. You want to click somewhere below and somewere above the window (points not vertically one above the other) but you still can get a correct height of the window.

It does not seem support is frequently solving threads and user's impulses here in this section of the forum but still I am trying here rather than in General section. :)

Thanks, Filip

Bug Reports / Unsupported datum transformation - CESIUM ION
« on: February 28, 2022, 11:02:24 AM »

I am trying to upload an tiled model from Agisoft Metashape to Cesium ION. The error is “Unsupported datum transformation.” The project is in local coordinates coresponding to Czech national systems - but in Metashape it is just an ordinary cartesian system, nothing special.

When I try to upload the tiled model in WGS-84, there is another error:
Response code: 404
Response data: {"code":"ResourceNotFound","message":"/v1/assets"}

Any idea if the error is related more to Cesium or Metashape and how to solve it? Thanks.


Bug Reports / Re: Tiled model solid
« on: February 18, 2022, 11:05:06 PM »
Hi, nice to here it not a mystery but rather an already solved issue. :) Thanks. Filip

Bug Reports / Tiled model solid
« on: February 18, 2022, 09:45:23 AM »

when switching view from Tiled model textured to Tiled model solid in Metashape 1.8.1 Pro, the software crashes. All the times. It was fine in some previous version. Bug report sent to Agisoft throught automatic dialog after sotware crashes. I would be glad if you check this issue. Quite important. Thanks.


Bug Reports / Re: cudaMemGetInfo time out error
« on: February 16, 2022, 02:02:04 PM »
Hello Filip,

We haven't yet got a chance to test RTX 20 series on Windows 11, but if you were able to run the processing using OpenCL, please let me know, if it went fine or produced any similar error (likely would start with CL_ prefix).

Hi, thanks for info. I did not switch to OpenCL either. The problem is still there but when I reinstall the driver, I am somehow able to work for some time. Regarding swithing to OpenCL... how much time increases while processing projects?

General / Re: Registering laser scans
« on: February 08, 2022, 04:41:51 PM »
Hello Filip,

Do you need to perform the co-registration of the laser scan data with the digital photographs or you prefer to keep the external registration information for scanner locations and to "align" the photogrammetric camera alignment to the fixed relative and absolute orientation of the laser scan data?

I am looking for robust combined processing of photogrammetry data and LS data. All done in Metashape. I have usually GCP around and on fasade of the building. Building is scanned from outside and inside, UAV an camera photogrammetry from outside and 360° video mainly from inside. I am going to test now how registration of LS data will work for about 40 LS standpoints with only IR 360° panoramas. If alignment will not be succussfull or reliable, I can try to add 360° RGB data from video. But as support wrote me over email, there is no option to assing priority to LS data over photogrammetry data in the same area. I do not want photogrammetry from 360° video mess up with LS data in the interior. Video should be only used for aligning. (Maybe coloring LS data.) I will try to achieve that by disabling the 360° panoramas from external source after alignment process. But of course keeping it e.g. for purpose of removing artefacts from LS data (mirror and glass reflections) build be preferable.

General / Re: Registering laser scans
« on: February 08, 2022, 09:58:19 AM »
Ok, I did not get meaningfull answer here or from Agisoft email support. It looks like combining laser scan data in Metashape is still in very early stages and right now it is not in rapid developement. Some threads about this are without a single answer and some people have doubts about practical usability of current solutions.

I will try to experiment with it but probably I will have to wait until maybe some new features pops up in Metashape. I can encourage you in this efford because it is quite essential for many land surveyors. So far I don't know e.g. how to assign priority to laser scanner data over 360° photos inside a building.

General / Registering laser scans
« on: February 05, 2022, 11:43:03 AM »

I am not an expert, rather starting experimenting with combining photogrammetry (aerial+terrestrial) with terrestrial laser scan (TLS) data. I am a surveyor and I need a centimeter accuracy of point clouds of buildings. Is Metashape fully usable for this purpose? I see in other threads that many people have doubts about it. My question is how accurate is scan registration from structured ptx or e57 formats. Only

I have access to data from Faro Focus M 70. Maybe an older model, I am not sure about camera parameters. But it takes too long to capture colored 360° panoramas from the scanner. Therefore we have only infrared panoramas which are much quicker to take. But additionaly we are using 360° panoramas (from photos or videos) from an external 360° camera (outside scanner). We are using this for scan registration outside of Metashape.

But I would like to try to do as much as possible only in Metashape. External 360° panoramas from inside of the building are not good to be used in generating points in final point clouds (along with TLS data). They should be used only for registering scans. I do not know if this is possible. If I do not add that 360° photos, TLS data are registered anyway (from IR panoramas) but only with very little number of tie points. But I have doubts about how accurate that can be.


General / Re: Georeferenced planar orthomosaic (fasade)
« on: February 01, 2022, 04:23:27 PM »
If the facade is vertical and you have 3d coordinates of two points on the facade (e.g. A and B) in the desired reference system,  it is not necessary that the two points have the same height.
I create three imaginary points:
O has Long and Lat equal to A and arbitrary Alt
X has Long and Lat equal to B and Alt like O
Y has Long and Lat equal to O and Alt greater than O
So the three points are orthogonal to each other.
Having the real coordinates of O, it is easy to give the right shift to the orthophoto, but it would be better if this was inserted directly in Metashape

Yes, you understand it correctly. And yes, it would be quicker if something of it would be implemented in Metashape. :)

General / Re: Georeferenced planar orthomosaic (fasade)
« on: January 29, 2022, 07:29:50 PM »
Heelo flogs,

Thanks for the explanation, now I  better understand your needs .. Yes a script could be developped so that for each 2 markers set at base of a building façade, a vertical planar projection is done with the local y set to absolute Z amsl so that each side willl have same height reference... in example a building is shown and for 2 façades (defined each by 2 markers( a relevant planar vertical projection is built. Note each planar ortho has same Z reference as seen by picking top of house and getting Z aMSL (Local Y in ortho CS) equal to 656.4 m...The model is not great so excuse he imperfections, but I think it gives you an idea,

So if you need more explanatio, please PM me,

Yes, that's it. Very common surveying task. I don't need more explation. I know what I want. And now you know what I want. :) The only question remains if it is worth for me to go for python script or maybe there can be some utilization of the software as Alexey sort of suggested (if I felt it right). I will PM you not to bother others here. Thanks very much!

UPDATE: Paulo suggested to create a paid script for this. I am not interested in that. I originally looked for an already existing solution in Metashape. It seems the software has not any right now. So I continue with tweaking it differently or I will find time to solve it myself. Thanks.

In short, for everyone who wants what I want. You have to remove markers projections and edit coordinates of 3 markers in order to create an orthomosaic. Horizontal markers has to be strictly horizontal and verical markers strictly vertical (strictly right angle between markers not required). Aftewards it works pretty well. And then in CAD you have to move the picture to desired absolute height. Not so complicated but maybe still not easy to figure out rigth away for most surveyors.

General / Re: Georeferenced planar orthomosaic (fasade)
« on: January 28, 2022, 11:17:55 PM »
Hello Filip,

Would it be sufficient for your needs, if the orthomosaic is exported to TIFF format is a way similar to Paul's example with World file, when facade orthomosaic bottom corners have real geographic XY coordinates assigned and the orthomosaic itself if put from vertical plane to horizontal (geographic XY)?

Yes, we are getting very close to what is needed. :) And sorry, Pauls pictures are so wide I did not see the right part last time. Thas why I did not understand.

To be clear, let's repeat my goal once again. (Firstly without mixing Metashape to it.) I have a referenced 3D model of a house. Coordinates XY are in horizontal plane, Z is in vertical plane. I want to make orthomosaic e.g. of every side of the house. I need the exiting Z axis of the 3D model (even absolute values - heigth above sea) to be preserved in all orthophotos. I do not care so much about XY (geographic). Let's say I need to look to the fasade like I would be exactly paralel to the model Z axis. What if a house is little bit oblique? I don't care. I need to stick to absolute heigths so I need always the same angle looking to different fasades. Because at the end, I want e.g. the top spot of the house to be in the same heiht on all orthophotos. It is a very common goedetic requirement, I think.

Even playing with Markers, I mention some significant differences (many centimeters) between rooftops which should be the same on all my fasades. Not sure why. If there were a little difference in planar angle or it is an inaccuracy when Metashape generates mosaics. I tried jgw world file and it did no preserve original heights from the model. I did not try tiff and corresponding world file recently. I manually moved positions of orthomosaics in CAD in order to corresponds to absolute model heights.

So with this phillosophy, the three markers has to be in the same plane but not exactly on the side of the building. Only two horizontal markers have to be on the fasade but the third has to be straight above the first two but not neccessarily on the fasade if it is not absolutely vertical.

Bug Reports / Re: cudaMemGetInfo time out error
« on: January 28, 2022, 07:06:54 PM »
Hello Filip,

We'll try to reproduce the problem on similar system configuration (Windows 11 + RTX 2070).

Meanwhile you can set up the following tweak via Advanced preference tab: main/gpu_enable_cuda, set its value to False, re-start Metashape and check if the problem no longer persists. The tweak switches from CUDA implementation to OpenCL and may help if only CUDA part of the driver is somehow affected.

Ok. thanks. Just to be accurate, I have RTX 2070 Super, not older RTX 2070. From MSI.

General / Re: Georeferenced planar orthomosaic (fasade)
« on: January 28, 2022, 07:02:51 PM »

another possibility is exporting your planar ortho vertical façade with a world file such that it is placed corectly in chunk crs. Example shows a planar ortho vertcal façade of a colonial house in Hanoi created from a ladybug panomaric street suvey. With the world file the ortho is correctly placed in the project UTM CS...

Hi, now I am not sure what should be the trick. :) I am already using world file to place the mosaic in CAD. But the world file corresponds only to a local cs, not the model crs (or chunk crs as you said). F.

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