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General / Re: Georeferenced planar orthomosaic (fasade)
« on: January 26, 2022, 04:44:02 PM »
Hello Filip,

If possible, please send an example of such orthomosaic to, so that we could check, how the coordinate system is defined in meta data. I thought that georeferencing means that X and Y coordinates of the image correspond to Lat/Long (Easting/Northing).

Hello Alexey,

please, see Paulo's answers. He pretty well understood what I wanted. If his assumtions are in congruence with you and Agisoft, there is not much else to solve. It is not possibile to achive what I want directly in Metashape. Or at least not without additional script. All generated planar orthomosaics are only in a local coordinate subsystem which has its origin in one of the markers used for this purpose. Trasnformation (move) in case of vertical fasades can be done outside metashape - which I know how to do it.


General / Re: Georeferenced planar orthomosaic (fasade)
« on: January 26, 2022, 11:37:45 AM »
Hallo Paulo, thanks, I think you understand this quite well.

But how do you shift the orthofoto from 2nd example? Somehow manually afterwards inside Metashape?

Secondly, I wonder when I am creating that 3 markers on the fasade. Does ortogonality between markers makes any difference? Of course it matters in X axis but for the third vertical marker, it shloud be not important if it is ortogonaly above the origin or not. It should be sufficient to know if it is above or below in order to determine the right view of the orthofoto (front or back). Am I right?

General / Re: Georeferenced planar orthomosaic (fasade)
« on: January 25, 2022, 06:36:23 PM »
Hello Filip,

Can you please elaborate, what do you mean by georeferenced orthomosaic of the facade? Do you have an example of such file that you can share?

Of course I can. My models are georeferenced in czech national reference systems (S-JTSK for XY plane, Bpv for Z of height plane). I am a surveyor. If I want to create an orthophotomosaic of a fasade from such a model, I want to have it in the same coordinates. If I create standard top view ortohomosaic (Geogpraphic projection), it is georeferenced correctly. But if I do a Planar projection (based on markers) of a side of a building (fasade), I am loosing the absolute coordinate informations from the model. One of my marker (center of the local system) is assigned to be [0,0] on the final orthomosaic. I want this point and all the rest to be in congruence with the model - czech national reference systems. Metashape has that information.

It is a reasonable requirement from a architect (my customer) to have CAD 2D drawings of a fasade georeferenced. At least in the Z plane - meters about sea level.

Bug Reports / Re: cudaMemGetInfo time out error
« on: January 25, 2022, 05:02:32 PM »
I can confirme that when I do a clean reinstall of a GPU driver, I do not see errors for some time afterwards. But it starts later on. So far it is always like this. Are going to investigate this issue further? Filip

General / Georeferenced planar orthomosaic (fasade)
« on: January 25, 2022, 04:59:01 PM »

I can achieve somehow what I want but only in a too complicated way. My goal is a georeferenced orthomosaic of a fasade of a building. I have read an Agisoft tutorial But not much usefull concerning this issue. Also note that there do not have to be orthogonal fasade structures enabling for such a process.

I want an orthophoto of a fasade based on georeferenced model coordinates. Now I obtain relative coordinates which needs a quite lot of steps and time to get it back - where Z coordinate is right again.

I use "Markers" projekction plane (Planar projection). I define 3 markers on the fasade (e.g. on the tiled model). Afterwards I remove those projection on the model and edit height (Z) of the two horizontal points to be the same. In order to have georeferenced model, I tried to mark my 3 markers on some photos (without changing there positions). Now I am getting hopefully right output with  good rotation and relative coordinates but not absolute. Center point of my local coordinate system (defined by my 3 markers) is set to 0 on the final orthophoto. It is the same even if I do not remove projections of my 3 markers on the model. Not sure why. And I have to move the picture in the CAD program to the absolute position in Z coordinate to match the whole model.

I think there should much simpler way. Is there any already and am I missing something? I just want a georeferenced orthomosaic which shloud be quite a very common requested output. Why not to give to the point [0,0] of a mosaic a real coordinates from a georefereced model? Many steps I have to do now are not necessessary and even sources of errors.


Bug Reports / Re: cudaMemGetInfo time out error
« on: January 18, 2022, 05:12:49 PM »
Hello Filip,

Looks like the driver failure.

Do you observe GPU-based processing problems on different stages, like image matching, depth maps generation, depth maps based mesh generation? Also please specify the driver versions that you have tried.

No errors before, problems started about at the same time when migrating to Windows 11. But I cannot be sure.

I use up-to-date drivers. When I do a clean driver reinstal, I do not observe errors immediately. But also when I close and open again Metashape, sometimes I can succesfully complete the desired calculation (which stopped with an error before).
NVidia Studio, 511.09, 01/04/2022
NVidia Game, 511.23, 01/14/2022

Most often I see the error (Kernel failed) during image alignment stage. But sometimes even later during next steps. But sometimes even a couple of hours computation work (build dense cloud, build mesh) is ok.

I wonder if I should run some software test of my GPU/RAM to see everything is ok. (OCCT, memtest)
GPU cards are pretty expensive and unavailable these days so I hope my card will last a little bit longer. :)

Bug Reports / Re: cudaMemGetInfo time out error
« on: January 18, 2022, 02:38:23 PM »

RTX 2070 super, Windows 11, Metashape 1.8.0. Occational errors during processing. Drivers reinstalled - I tried both game and studio drivers. Any idea if it is hardware or software problem and what to do?

Kernel failed: an illegal memory access was encountered (700) at line 269
cudaMemGetInfo(&free_mem_size, &total_mem_size): an illegal memory access was encountered (700) at line 40


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