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Python and Java API / Re: Set distances of scalebars via Python API
« on: June 02, 2022, 08:25:38 PM »
Thank you so much Alexey! It works fine now!

Python and Java API / Set distances of scalebars via Python API
« on: May 26, 2022, 03:59:25 AM »
Hi all,

I am trying to update the distances of scalebars via the Python API of Metashape. However, it turned out that my code does not work. Please kindly find my code as follows:
Code: [Select]
    chunk.addScalebar(chunk.markers[0], chunk.markers[1])
    chunk.addScalebar(chunk.markers[0], chunk.markers[2])
    chunk.addScalebar(chunk.markers[0], chunk.markers[3])
    chunk.addScalebar(chunk.markers[1], chunk.markers[2])
    chunk.addScalebar(chunk.markers[1], chunk.markers[3])
    chunk.addScalebar(chunk.markers[2], chunk.markers[3])

    #Input distance of scalebars.
    chunk.scalebars[0].Reference.distance = 0.03
    chunk.scalebars[1].Reference.distance = 0.04
    chunk.scalebars[2].Reference.distance = 0.05
    chunk.scalebars[3].Reference.distance = 0.05
    chunk.scalebars[4].Reference.distance = 0.04
    chunk.scalebars[5].Reference.distance = 0.03

This code does not give me any error or warning. However, the corresponding distances will not change accordingly.

However, I found it is possible for me to rename the scalebars via the code:

Code: [Select]
chunk.scalebars[0].label = "example_scalebar"

Thus, I was wondering if I might be looking at the wrong functions/objects to change the distance.

Thank you so much for your attention.

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