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Feature Requests / Re: Smooth Mesh
« on: April 28, 2012, 01:21:51 PM »
Hello Paulov!
I think it?s an issue with wrong camera-calibration, too much noise and less light. I`m just experimenting with denoising-filters, camera-calibration via PhotoShop/AEffects and it seems to be that the results are better in less time.

Hello Infinite!
In ZBrush you can use the "smooth creased-edges" brush or use the 2nd smoothing algorythm. Take a look at .

Hello Markflorquin!
Yes. Or Alexey should built a "GoZ" for PhotoScan. In ZBrush you?re able to polish the whole mesh at once (or use the smooth-brushes) so that it looks much cleaner. But for natural stuff those noise could be very nice like applying some noise to renderings.


Feature Requests / Re: Automatic Masking.
« on: April 25, 2012, 08:19:17 PM »
Hello Infinite and Alexey!

Your option is quite a good idea for still-standing cameras. If the camera-position is moving, then Alexey has to program a routine which will align images (by background).

I throw another idea of automasking into this thread for discussion:
Automasking by point-cloud and region-box shown in "hand-made mode"!
- Calculate a point-cloud (10000 points and more) without a mask -  the cameras are usually better aligned in my eye.
- If you view an specific foto and right click on it for "reset view" you will see through the calculated camera.
- Make a screenshot for the imagesoftware of your choice.
- Colorize the points (ONLY those which are inside the region-box) into white and everything else into black.
- Duplicate the image and blur it (bigger blur for ~10000 points and smaller blur for details or 30000+ points).
- Tweak the luminance at your choice and turn that greyscale-image picture into a black&white one.
- Make that generated mask a little bit smaller (big as the blur in correspondence to the luminance-settings)
- Voila?!

If that could be done automatically (one click on a button called "Automask by PC/RB"!) it would be less work in most cases!


Feature Requests / GoZ for PhotoScan
« on: April 18, 2012, 12:40:13 PM »
Hello Alexey/AgiSoft !

I?d wrote it in another thread as an idea but this is my feature Request:
GoZ for PhotoScan for exchange with Pixologics ZBrush!
ZBrush for cleaning up/denoising models, Retopology (QRemesher in the near future), UV-Mapping and so on. Both software working together would be an awesome solution. I`m sure Pixologic would give a lot of help because it would power up their software too. And I think I`m not the only one who would pay for a GoZ-PhotoScan-Plugin.


General / Re: PDF Limitation on Texture
« on: April 18, 2012, 12:30:02 PM »
I`d like to see an .psz-file-viewer too. It?s like a very good promotion and would increase the sales of PS for sure.
One other idea: Implent ZBrushs GoZ inside PhotoScan (I?d even pay for a PhotoScan-GoZ-Plugin!). Pixologic?s ZBrush and AgiSofts PhotoScan would be a very powerful solution for cleaning up the scanned models, UV-Mapping and retopology (in the future within QRemesher). Right now ZBrush is limited to 8k-Texturemaps but it will be better in upcoming 64-Bit-Versions. I`m sure Pixologic is very interested in this idea. Both (AgiSofts PhotoScan and Pixologics ZBrush) would raise more popularity!

BTW to Alexey: Thanks for your software and those constant updates!

Feature Requests / Mid-Intensity for Texture
« on: August 12, 2011, 04:10:28 PM »
For texturing there are the options "Minimal-Intensity", "Highest-Intensity", "Blending" and "Mosaic". I think that an simple algorythm you could "Medium-Intensity" would improve PhotoScan:
Not the picture with highest or lowest pixel-intensity but the one in the middle should be taken for texturing.

Hello EricM!
Just thought about your idea and there could be a solution:
PhotoScan could take image-pairs of Stereo-Cams and produce height-field-maps. If you create (maybe) 100 hundred of them (in chunks) it could create an fascinating animation.
I don?t know if it takes high programming skills to combine these together into an animated displacement-map and texture-map them via undistorted footage. Within an real animated vertex object (like an mdd-file) it could be possible to generate real 3d-footage out of three or more Stereo-Cams in the same way. But that?s only future for now I think.

General / Future dream
« on: July 07, 2011, 01:18:56 AM »
Hello !

I?d a future dream (NOT an feature request) about 3D-Visualisation with PhotoScan:
There should be 5 or more Camcorder (with some kind of a FishEye on it) to capture whole 180-degrees-scenes out of different positions and perspectives. Indistorted one of these should be calculated into big (quad) meshes with huge textures on it. With another tool (which isn?t available right now ;) ) these should be calculated into one MDD-Mesh (an animated point-animation-Lightwave-object) with a correct animated texture (I think HD isn?t enough!) . That would be awesome - like that software which could create (some bad) point-clouds of faces in realtime via high-end-gpu ...


Feature Requests / My Feature Requests
« on: July 02, 2011, 11:10:05 AM »

I?m very happy with your Software ... but if you ask for improvements:
- One "SaveAll" (save model&textures, save pointcloud, save project at once) would be great and easy to do?!
- One little thumbnail of the model (screenshot about 256px*256px) for each project so it?s easier to see what is what.
- (Programmable) Keyboard shortcuts for all functions

For the future some ideas:
- A sphere brush for selecting faces
- An built-in Auto-Retopo-Model-tool. First the mesh should be decimated (down to 1k to 25k), then it should be converted almost into quads and then it should be saved for other programs like Topogun, 3D-Coat or zBrush
- Manual (instead of automatic) align chunks and viewing all chunks at once
- A button to show the matched points on each of the photos and...
- A tool for removing calculated points on the photos or in the pointcloud
- Something like a light-version of "meshmixer" or "sculptris" (both freeware) inside agisoft or GoZ (for zBrush).

Kind regards

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