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General / Problems building geometry
« on: May 15, 2012, 11:32:32 PM »
First off, thanks for making this software.  I had been using bundler and photoscan solves much better and makes my life easier, so thanks again.  I usually am modelling outdoor roadway scenes which works very well when done with aerial photos.  Recently I did a scene where the photos are all ground level (eye height) as I walked down the lane of the road.  So the photos are mostly in line facing the same direction.  I am using photoscan 0.8.5 standard and the photos aligned well and the point cloud looks good.  I have compared the point cloud to survey points I took at the scene and they agree nicely.
However, when I try to build geometry, it only builds sparse geometry for objects that are mostly vertical in the scene.  None of the roadway is modeled.  I've tried every combination of generic/height field smooth/sharp point cloud/low/med/high and nothing seems to make a difference.
I'm wondering if the low angle between the photos and the surface is preventing reconstruction and if there is any setting to adjust this.



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