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General / Matching a large number of photos in PScan pro
« on: July 29, 2011, 05:16:10 PM »

We are trying to match 14 UAV flights, totalling 8000+ photos into a limited number of chunks. The photos have a decreased resolution so that we don't run out of RAM memory.

The processing time of the first steps in the photo matching process seems to linearly increase with the number of photo's. The last step, "estimating scene structure" however seems to exponentially increase with the number of photos. We first tried with all 8000 photos but progress got stuck at 0%. A chunk of 2800 photo's is currently running and may eventually finish after 20 hours or so. Chunks of 600-800 work in less than one hour.

Does anyone have an experience with the maximum feasible limit of number of photos?

Note: RAM memory did not seem to be an issue in this step, we didn't get above 85% commit.

Many thanks,


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