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General / Transmission line profile mapping
« on: March 18, 2013, 08:45:09 PM »

A company asked me to do the following job for them, but I really don't know if it could be possible with photogrammetry. We have a Hexacopter and a Lehmann Lp960 for aerial mapping equipped with a sony nex 5n 16 mp. The job consists in:

Create a profile on some transmission lines (power lines) that extend 150 km. They need to know were the lines are with respect to the terrain (including vegetation so no need to remove it). What I don't know is if the photogrammetry techniques can accurately model this transmission lines. Here's an example of what they need.

I think that this job could only be done accurately with terrain techniques or LIDAR, or if anyone here has had any experience with a similar job It would be great to know your experience.




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