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Bug Reports / Agisoft Photoscan doesn't work
« on: December 07, 2012, 09:13:31 PM »
hello all
I am writing because I have a serious problem with Agisoft Photoscan.   :'(
After seeing so many software that uses photos to create a 3D model, and around the net, people who could very easily re-create what they wanted, I decided to download the demo of Agisoft Photoscan, to prove it, and in the future buy it (because I might need to work).
As I said before, I have a problem, the software does not work as it should.
I can not recreate any model "decent" or we can call it that.
I am attaching some screenshots (where the software aligns the picture and then show me the point cloud. Make screenshots of the 3d model 3d model came out is useless, because not even a considerable 3d model)

advise you know?
something wrong?
I also followed your tutorial ( ), but nothing.
The model does not come out.  :'(
even using a sequence of images, some do not even charge me, and I can not understand why.
I was a bit disappointed, because I see that some people are able to reproduce a 3D model from a few photos (   or  )

Help me, please.  :'(
Thanks in advance to all
Sorry for my incorrect English.

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