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General / Re: PC advice please
« on: January 07, 2013, 11:22:31 AM »
Hello Wishgranter, thanks for the fast answer!
Hmm, ok, the Superserver is not in our budget ;)
So the best option would be to get a PC that can do the work for the 200 images over night (say in 10-11 hours) so I can work with Photoshop and ArcGIS during the day.
The images have the following specifications:

- Taken by Sony nex-5
- 4592*2576 Pixels
- size up to 10 MB per image
- 24 bit
- 350 dpi
- here is a sample image:

Reconstruction quality would be Ultra high and Sharp. Is there a way to estimate how processing time would develop with higher image number under same reconstruction quality settings etc.

By the way, does Photoscan support GTX 660 Ti?

thank you again,

General / Re: PC advice please
« on: January 05, 2013, 03:36:26 PM »

it is me again. I know that the PC mentioned above will probably be good but I would like to have again a specific tipp what a computer should have if I want to do the following. I am asking again because my boss will use your answer as a reference when it comes to the question which PC we will buy:

I have run a test with the model parameters I will use most of the time with 39 pictures on my fastes PC, which has:
- Windows 7 64 bit
- 8 GB RAM
- i7-3770 @ 3.4 Ghz
- RADEON HD 7770

No other programmes were run during this time. My operations took this time:
- Align photos: 7 minutes
- Build geometry: 3 hours 54 minutes (CPU constant at 100%, RAM at 4 GB during this operation)
- Build texture: 10 min
- Export Orthophoto: 17 min

If I want to do the same (same specifications for building geometry, DEM resolution, Orthophoto resolution, etc.) with about 200 pictures instead of 39 AND I want to work with PC power intensive Programmes (like ArcGIS and/or Photoshop) at the SAME TIME (which I did not during the test), what PC specifications/model would you recommend?

Thank you very much for your advice,
Ludwig Hilger

General / Re: PC advice please
« on: December 12, 2012, 07:39:13 PM »

I am thinking to get the same PC, basic configuration, but with the Chillblast AMD Radeon HD 7970 3072MB. Would that be ok for similar tasks?

thank you, I really do not know anything about hardware...


General / Re: Export DEM resolution
« on: December 12, 2012, 05:45:51 PM »
Dear bvpham,

thank you very much for the fast reply! Ok, I will just try to not change the settings of H and V which should give me the highest resolution. And resample afterwards to a lower resolution. I could solve the problem with the georeferencing. It just turned out that my SAGA GIS could not directly read the tif exported by the file correctly. I had to import and export it into/from ArcGIS first, than it worked. Now, it's position looks ok. We are also using targets in the field we are measuring with the DGPS. I guess it is best to measure them in WGS 84 (EPSG: 4979 <-?) which the UAV is using as well. I had measured the GCPs in epsg 25832 and I have some conversion problems now.
And yes, I will definitly talk to my professor for a suitable machine, my 8GB RAM and 2.2 Ghz are not enough... ;)

thank you again,


General / Re: Export DEM resolution
« on: December 10, 2012, 09:58:31 PM »
Hello everybody,

I am posting in this topic because my question is somehow related...
I am new to PhotoScan and I love it! I have completed all the tutorials and now want to test on my own data. I have created a mesh (decimated to 200000 faces) from 39 drone images and now want to export a 1 m dem (horizontal pixel size) with a vertical resolution of 10 cm.
I have always been wondering what the "H" and the "V" mean in the export DEM dialogue (is it the horizontal and vertical resolution?). There is also  no mentioning of the unit  these two parameters have (I guess meters?). I am also wondering what the value is you can enter under "Metres..." in the same dialogue (it changes if you change "H" and/or "V").
I have entered 1 in the "Metres option" and now my Computer seems to compute itself to death, which can't be because the area is rather small.

So I am wondering what I have to enter if I want to get the DEM with the defined resolutions mentioned above?

Other question:
a) Is there a rule when to use the "split in blocks" option? Too many blocks seem to slow down the process as well...
b) I get fantasy values for location and height although the relative values are correct (I can see the terrain and everthing). The numbers in the Ground control panel are correct as well.

Any help would be appreciated very much!!!!


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