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General / Re: About GPU tab in Preferences
« Last post by mr.barnadib on Today at 07:24:37 AM »
i just want to know, should i use this selection 'use CPU when performing GPU accelerated processing'?
What it means?

Or do I have to explore to something else, and re-upload manually in the Sketchfab interface?

Bug Reports / Re: Checker grid like lines in depth map generation.
« Last post by BinaryEclipse on Today at 02:30:26 AM »
Alexey, I think the issue is related to using 5700 XT in combination. The lines go away only if the XT is used on it's own or disabled. They come back if XT is used in combination with the Fury X, CPU, or Fury X + CPU.

In one case I ran build mesh on a different image set that had a bad alignment, one section was raised by about 3x more than I usually see. Maybe the values for alignment aren't always the same or close enough for XT?
General / Re: Sony A7rii for photogrammetry and lenses
« Last post by remotesense on Today at 01:08:44 AM »
FYI.  The Sony A7rii camera uses 5-axis image sensor stabilization.  This means your sensor is moving which is a bad thing for photogrammetry.  You'll have alignment errors within your data.  You should at least turn that option off if you use that camera, but its hard to say how rigid that mechanism really is.

One of the rules of photogrammetry is consistent photos between your images, to maintain good geometry for the reconstruction (alignment step).  Don't go with a zoom lens, stick to prime lens to eliminate the focal length movement between your photos.  Plus they are sharper, which helps support pixel matching producing accurate tie points to sub pixel levels.   Also, a wide angle lens will typically have a better base to height ratios, helping the software calculate your distance to that surface more accurately.
General / Re: PPK without GCP
« Last post by pedram55 on January 23, 2020, 08:44:04 PM »
I have installed this PPK module on my Phantom4 and base station was near the project .
i used 10 GCP for 2km * 200 m road ( project was strip ) .
the best result that i got was for 3 points .is it possible to process project without GCP ?
if yes please tell me about setting .
thank you
Bug Reports / Re: Checker grid like lines in depth map generation.
« Last post by Alexey Pasumansky on January 23, 2020, 06:30:21 PM »
Hello BinaryEclipse,

We are not observing this issue on our side.

I can suggest to run Build Mesh operation (you can re-use the depth maps) with only GPUs enabled and if the issue is reproduced, try to use only one of them at a time and check, if the results are difference for each run (with a single GPU utilized). If GPU run is fine, then try to use CPU only and also check the result.
General / Re: V 1.6.0 - Dense cloud generation time longer, increased noise
« Last post by Alexey Pasumansky on January 23, 2020, 06:27:33 PM »
Hello rover,

Yes, we have in plans to optimize the GPU processing support for cameras with additional correction.
Python Scripting / Align Images using Control points.
« Last post by Aravinth on January 23, 2020, 04:20:47 PM »
Hello Everyone,
                      I have Aligned the images using 6 markers and projected the markers and I have got the errors for all the markers. In order to do a simulation process, I have align the images using the control points and get the errors for those. I am not sure how and where to introduce a loop for using the different control points and get marker error for those. As I am not familiar with python scripting, Kindly help me to work with this process. I have attached the code in which I have got the errors for all the markers. Kindly have a look at it and help me to improvise the code.

Thank you, everyone.

Code: [Select]
import itertools
import glob
    import Metashape as env
    doc =
    env_type = 1
    import PhotoScan as env
    doc =
    env_type = 2
load_images = True
load_thermal = True
# Thermal data
path_calib = 'C:\\Program Files\\Agisoft\\Metashape Pro'
path_images = 'C:\\Program Files\\Agisoft\Metashape Pro\\'
path_subdir = 'flir\\'
fileext = '*.tiff'
chunk_name = 'FLIR'
calib_fname = 'xt2_flir_20190206.xml'
flength = 13
psize = 0.017

ch =
ch.label = chunk_name

# initiate images list
imgList = []
imgListNames = []
# construct flight directory
dir_srs = path_images + path_subdir
# reset file counter
cnt = 0

# go over all images
for filename in glob.glob(dir_srs + fileext):
# add image to list
    fname = filename.split('\\')
    # add file name
    #' increment counter
    cnt += 1
if load_images == 1:
    # add images to chunk
# create calibration instance
calibData = env.Calibration()
# load calibration data from file
calibData.load(calib_fname, format=Metashape.CalibrationFormatXML)
# load camera calibration params
ch.sensors[0].user_calib = calibData
# assign camera focal length
ch.sensors[0].focal_length = flength
# assign camera pixel size
ch.sensors[0].pixel_size = env.Vector([psize,psize])
# do not optimise camera intrinsics
if env_type == 1:
    ch.sensors[0].fixed_calibration = True
    ch.sensors[0].fixed = True

# ch =
path = 'Marker_Try.txt'

chunk =
out_crs = Metashape.CoordinateSystem("EPSG::3044")
for camera in chunk.cameras:
    if camera.reference.location:
        camera.reference.location = Metashape.CoordinateSystem.transform(camera.reference.location,, out_crs) = out_crs 
ch.importReference(path, Metashape.ReferenceFormatCSV, delimiter=",", columns="nxyz", create_markers=True)


ch.matchPhotos(downscale=0.25, generic_preselection=False,reference_preselection=True)

#Project markers
ch =
# file = open('C:\\Program Files\\Agisoft\\Metashape Pro', "markers_projections_rgb_center.txt") #input file
file = open("Marker_center_Flir_Final.txt") #input file
eof = False
line = file.readline()
if not len(line):
eof = True
while not eof:
sp_line = line.rsplit(",", 3)   #splitting read line by four parts
y = float(sp_line[3]) #y- coordinate of the current projection in pixels
x = float(sp_line[2]) #x- coordinate of the current projection in pixels
path = sp_line[0] #camera label
marker_name = sp_line[1] #marker label
flag = 0
for i in range (len(ch.cameras)):

if ch.cameras[i].label == path: #searching for the camera

for j in range (len(ch.markers)): #searching for the marker (comparing with all the marker labels in chunk)
if ch.markers[j].label == marker_name:
ch.markers[j].projections[ch.cameras[i]] = Metashape.Marker.Projection(Metashape.Vector([x,y]), True) #setting up marker projection of the correct photo)
flag = 1

if not flag:
marker = ch.addMarker()
marker.label = marker_name
marker.projections[ch.cameras[i]] =  Metashape.Marker.Projection(Metashape.Vector([x,y]), True)

line = file.readline() #reading the line from input file
if not len(line):
eof = True
break # EOF

doc =
env_type = 1
#chunk =
#chunk =
chunk =
path = "C:\\Program Files\\Agisoft\\Metashape Pro\\Marker_Try.txt"
chunk.importReference(path, format = env.ReferenceFormatCSV, delimiter=",", columns="nxyz", create_markers=True)
for camera in chunk.cameras:
    camera.reference.enabled = False

print ("Markers import finished.\n")

chunk =

for marker in chunk.markers:
      source = marker.reference.location
      estim =
      error = estim - source
      total = error.norm()
      print(marker.label, error.x, error.y, error.z, total)

Other Languages / Re: openSSL 1.0
« Last post by rnazarov on January 23, 2020, 04:09:36 PM »
General / Re: V 1.6.0 - Dense cloud generation time longer, increased noise
« Last post by rover on January 23, 2020, 03:31:25 PM »
I was wondering the same. I ran 2 test sets, 56 images from P4 rtk. Dense cloud processing time more than doubled when fit additional corrections was on (18  vs 42 min). Just a few moments ago I finished processing a set of 800 images. Dense cloud on high quality took 14 hours. That could be 5-6 hours when not using additional fit.

So Alexey are you saying this will improve in the future?
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