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General / Volume calculation "fails" because volume is to small
« Last post by on August 02, 2021, 09:51:25 PM »
We are trying to measure the volume of peat moss capitula using a low cost scanner and Metashape. We are quite satisfied up to know, but some of the measurements fail because the volume of the capitula is to small. The volume is simply 0.0 if it is below 1e-8 or so.

Is it prossible to set a higher precision for volumes smaller than e-8?
General / Re: Green blotches on textures generated.
« Last post by Alexey Pasumansky on August 02, 2021, 09:44:29 PM »
Hello gateway,

Probably, there are some incorrectly aligned cameras. You can try to install Professional edition (run it in Demo mode), open your project and put markers in 3D to the problematic spots. Then use Filter by Marker option and check the images shown in Photos pane and see, if the marker projection corresponds to the proper spot or not.
General / Re: Micasense RP06 Panel - Wrong mask detection
« Last post by Alexey Pasumansky on August 02, 2021, 09:32:34 PM »
Hello José,

Please send the examples of problematic images with the panel to
General / Re: Micasense RP06 Panel - Wrong mask detection
« Last post by jmgc on August 02, 2021, 09:15:36 PM »
Hi Alexey,

Please note that the panel detection and masking is not perfect as when we use the older RP05 or RP04 versions.
This might need a fine tune to avoid non calibration pixels to be inside the mask.

Bug Reports / Re: Import inpho camera POS and distortion coefficient
« Last post by ruyi7952 on August 02, 2021, 09:05:43 PM »
Hello Alexey Pasumansky

The currently converted parameters do not work properly. With reference to the project that pierced the control point, import or export the project, and then introduce the control point, the position of the predicted point should be very close to the position of the control point in the photo.

In practice, when PS imports the project of INPHO, the image at 1:1 shows that it is the wrong result of deformation.

Similarly, the import result is also wrong.
General / Re: Using Leica DMC III images
« Last post by Paulo on August 02, 2021, 08:01:27 PM »
Hello radar boy,

coud you show the Camera Calibration Inititial pane for your DMC III project?

The value for f should be as shown in following screen capture in case of a camera with following camera calibrated report...
Code: [Select]
Geometric Calibration
The output image geometry is based on the Pan Camera head (reference head =
master camera). All other camera heads are registered and aligned to this head.
Aerial triangulation checks overall system performance based on.
Output image
Reference Camera PAN
Serial Number 00128301
Number of rows/columns [pixels] 25728 x 14592
Pixel Size [µm] 3.900 x 3.900
Image Size [mm] 100.3392 x 56.9088
Focal Length [mm] 92.0000 mm + /- 0.001 mm
Principal Point [mm] X= 0.0000 mm, Y= 0.0000 mm + /- 0.001 mm
The “SYNTHETIC” geometric calibration is based on a simulated mathematical lens
distortion calculation based on the detailed optical design data of the lens
as these high level cameras are synthetically calibrated all values should be fixed.....

as for the reconstruction uncertainty level threshold, a value of 10 corresponds to a good geometric reconstruction, so I would not go lower than 10 in threshold selection....

For these high resolution images (more than 350 Mpx), I would recommend using Guided image matching option in Align Photos... and maybe 500 for Key point limit per Mpx depending on your computer .....
General / Using Leica DMC III images
« Last post by radar_boy on August 02, 2021, 06:23:26 PM »
I would like to use some stereo, vertical Leica DMC I and DMC III aerial imagery, provided as RGB in TIFF format. I have exterior orientation metadata as text, together with some interior orientation metadata (e.g. calibrated focal length, pixel size etc). I can import said data and metadata.

I have started by working with a block of >70 DMC III images and Align Photos to create a sparse cloud.

Unless I deliberately fix the focal length it ends up changing dramatically (>34000 mm vs. the calibrated 93mm). When I then use Model > Gradual Selection and progressively select points in the sparse cloud according to Reconstruction Uncertainty I get distinct structures forming:

When I fix the focal length the sparse point cloud appears thus:

These structures suggest systematic errors. I sense there is something wrong with the camera model? Is there something extra I should be doing to import Leica DMC images? Might the systematic errors be related to the fact DMC use multiple 2D arrays?
We have a slate with the project details, so obviously that wont align, and we wouldn't want it to, I've added a try/except clause in, but I welcome recommendations, incl. a way to avoid writing to csv and keep in pandas df
Python and Java API / Re: Define agisoft_LICENSE environment variable
« Last post by spatialdigger on August 02, 2021, 05:34:14 PM »
Hi, we are on Windows 10.

We have several machines running the different versions of Metashape and I'm writing a script/helper program so before launching I want to check the license on the machine so I can grey out certain options to avoid the script crashing. So if they have the standard license then only certain parts of the code are avaiable to run.

In addition I've had to copy the license into the python project, I'd rather just point to the actual license file.

General / Re: image stabilisation - yes or no
« Last post by Paulo on August 01, 2021, 08:48:24 PM »
I would perform a test capturing same scene/object once with IS on and once with IS off.

Since IS theoretically changes the camera interior parameters, in case of IS on, I would set Image variant parameters for f, cx, cy in Camera Calibration Initial Tab to see if this improves the result....

just a suggestion that someone with IS camera could do....

Using image variant option for f, cx, and cy will estimate a value for focal and principal point coordinates for each image in the set and should ideally improve the optimization,,, see attachment wher I set f, cx, cy as Image variant and adjusted tab from Camera Calibration now has different values for these 3 parameters for each image...
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