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General / Re: Import cameras.xml without region
« Last post by ABCT on Today at 09:57:02 AM »
Or it is not something about missing regions, because the point matching results are terrible too.
General / Import cameras.xml without region
« Last post by ABCT on Today at 09:47:26 AM »
Hello, I am using Metashape 2.0 Pro software.
I have a set of external calibrated cameras but I don't know the region size, the only thing I know about the region is origin_drb [1.8723, -7.8372, 60.6031] and pose_scale_factor 150

So I didn't set the region in my camera.xml, the camera looks well after importing it to Metashape, but the Tie Points and dense point cloud built by Metashape are terrible, Would appreciate if somebody could help.

General / Re: GPU GTX 3060 is low on memory at 12 GB
« Last post by dpitman on Today at 06:08:13 AM »
I don't know if this would be appropriate for this problem. Maybe worth a look.
General / Blurry / soft orthophotos when downsampling aerial photos
« Last post by Jimbob on February 28, 2024, 10:24:29 PM »

I have noticed that if I output a tiff orthophoto, at a downsampled resolution the result gets blurry. Example: Agisoft default pixel size for my project is 7.835cm, but I want to output at 10cm pixel size, the resulting 10cm orthophoto is very soft and blurry when compared to the 7.8cm ortho. The results are quite profound.   

My workaround is to output at the pixel size that Agisoft defaults to, open the Agisoft orthophotos in Global Mapper, then downsample the orthophoto in Global Mapper. The orthophoto still looks very similar to the original and is not soft and blurry (like the Agisoft downsampled orthophoto).

I believe the pixel resampling in Agisoft is done as bicubic or bilateral method of tiff generation (resulting in a very soft image). In Global Mapper I select "nearest neighbor" downsampling and the results look way better. Look at the attached results. Try it on your data...

It would be great if we could specify the type of tiff resampling (bicubic, nearest neighbor, etc) in Agisoft? There seems to be a serious image degradation when outputting at a specific pixel size in Agisoft at present.

Thank you
Python and Java API / Re: select points by color
« Last post by Deleri on February 28, 2024, 05:12:09 PM »
Alguna idea de como utulizar selectPointsByColor pero  haciendo que abra el selector de color de la pantalla?

Es decir, que se ejecute el script , haga el alinead, el mapa de profundida la nube de puntos  y que llegue a la instancia de seleccion de puntos por color pero en lugar de cargar  color=[255,255,255],  yo pueda seleccionarlo desde la pantalla y luego el script siga.

Se comprende? seria que se abra la interfaz de seleccion de color.


General / Re: Point and mesh selection dysfunctional
« Last post by vineg on February 28, 2024, 04:25:58 PM »
Hi, Cedric!

You can download Metashape with older classification version here:
It would be helpful if you provide a problematic point cloud to or make some screenshots of point cloud classification errors. . And please, specify Metashape version and classification parameters you are using.

Regards, Egor
Agisoft Cloud / Re: Agisoft Cloud Area Feature not working properly
« Last post by Ilya Shevelev on February 28, 2024, 02:42:51 PM »
Dear Alex,

Please note that due to our standard release procedure, a fix should not be expected for at least a week.
General / Current best 360 camera?
« Last post by radar_boy on February 28, 2024, 01:18:36 PM »
I'm looking to buy a 360 degree camera, which will be used for both videos and photogrammetry. What is the current best available consumer or prosumer 360 camera please, in terms of photogrammetry? They could be up to $5000, but preferably less than $1000 (USD). It'd be used both indoors (lower light) and outdoors on high poles (where cases where drones are prohibited).

Many thanks in advance.
Python and Java API / Rescaling BBox after Alignement
« Last post by Lennart Hildebrandt on February 28, 2024, 12:42:52 PM »
Hello Community,

currentyl I'm running my Workflow through an own Python script.
As I found out that Metashape often screws up the bounding box within my use cases, I have to check it manually everytime before creating the dense scene.
I'd like to skip this and keep my programm consistent so I'm looking for a solution to set the size of the bbox at 30 m x 30 m x 10 m for example.
But it seems that I do not understand the API in this case. Is there anyone who can help me out?

Thanks in advance.
General / Re: Metashape Pro Crashing During Image Alignment
« Last post by dim4pap on February 28, 2024, 12:30:11 PM »
I also suffered from several crashes with 13900k with asus z690-f motherboard
Most of the times in small projects (500-800 images) there were crashes or pc freezing or pc reboot. In the second try though there was success in the process.
But in my recent ~4500 image project with 33 laserscans, the result was fail, several times.
My pc is in stock settings and I have never done some kind of overclocking. My  2x32 Corsair Vengeance (5600 Mt/s) were working at 4800 Mt/s, that is the stock value.
After lots of hours and hours of reading about similar crashes, my opinion is that it seems that it's a processor's problem in combination with the motherboard or RAM.
Also, searching in the net (mostly in gamers forums) I found out that changing the RAM speed from 4800 to 5600 is recommended and is not considering exactly as overclocking... (it's something I do not wish to do)
And I finally found a way that works for me...
First of all, the stock clock settings of my chip was at 5.5 GHz.
From the official intel's site
the Performance-core Max Turbo Frequency is 5.40 GHz (!?!?!)
I downloaded Intel(R) extreme tuning utility and set the Performance Core Ratio to 53x
So the first try for the ~4500 image project with 33 laserscans was successful!!!
The second try was to set the Performance Core Ratio to 54x as seen from Intel's site. FAIL again
So I started experimenting changing a bit the settings in the processor and RAM.
I changed again the Performance Core Ratio to 55x as set when I got the PC and changed the RAM speed using profile XMP1 from BIOS. FAIL again.
Finally, keeping the XMP1 (5600 Mt/s) profile I put the Performance Core Ratio to 54x and worked in every try (so far).
in summary:
- clock speed @5300 & ram @4800: success
- clock speed @5400 & ram4800: fail (!!! 13900k frequency and RAM at stock settings!!!))
- clock speed @5500 & ram5600 xmp1: crash (reboot)
- clock speed @5400 & ram5600 xmp1 ok: success

After I found this way out I found various posts like this:

My recommendation is to set Performance Core Ratio (via Intel's extreme tuning utility) to one or two steps lower than stock settings. If this is not successful try XMP settings in RAM through BIOS
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