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General / Exporting Altum Multispectral camera from Metashape to QGIS
« Last post by DaveB on May 13, 2021, 11:28:59 AM »
I am trying out the Micasense flight data: (complete flight 4.7 GB) according to Metashape document :
It works OK and I Export the Ortho from Metashape.
When Opening in QGIS I get a grainy Ortho and a white background.
I have tested various parameters in the Export menu, but the same.[img][
Why is that ? any ideas ?
General / Re: Measure 3D height from 2D image
« Last post by Paulo on May 12, 2021, 09:23:52 PM »
You can always use context menu Measure to see the measurements of a selected shape (perimeter 3D) or you could use a script to populate all your shapes with this distance as in attached example where the shapes are kept in a layer called Char Heights and distances are kept in attribute called 3D_distance  as well as difference in z kept in attribute Delta_Z :
Code: [Select]
chunk =
T = chunk.transform.matrix
for shape in chunk.shapes:
    if != 'Char Heights':   # only shapes in Char Heights layer
    if shape.is_attached:                     # case of shape with attached markers
        vzs = [ for i in chunk.markers if i.key in shape.vertex_ids]
        shape.attributes['Delta_Z'] = str(round(vzs[-1]-vzs[0],3))
        shape.attributes['Delta_Z'] = str(round(shape.vertices[-1].z-shape.vertices[0].z,3))
    shape.attributes['3D_distance'] = str(round(shape.perimeter3D(),3))

see attached screen copy...

2nd attachment shows result of using Measure tool (right click context menu) on a selected polyline Shape from Char Heights layer and compares with its attributes....
General / Re: Measure 3D height from 2D image
« Last post by AnnaS on May 12, 2021, 07:59:34 PM »
Awesome. How do I see the measurement (m) of a polyline shape?
Hello PROBERT1968,

You can run this script for bov10_34 and see, which unpinned markers are listed and which coordinates do they have.

Please also check, if you have any shapes with attached markers (enable View Shapes in Photo view mode) - maybe they are related to the blued flags that you observe.
Thanks for the script I grab it and ran with it.. 

At first it showed nothing but realized it only prints to the console screen..

So now what do I need to do with ?
General / Re: Measure 3D height from 2D image
« Last post by Paulo on May 12, 2021, 06:33:37 PM »

clearly the measurement in mono mode (only one foto) gives basically same result as measuring 2 points (base and hi) in at least 2 fotos because in your case the dense cloud includes the burnt out part of the trees (as seen in the model view)... But this is not always the case depending on many factors (type of imagery, resolution, tree width, etc...)

To assure correct measurements in every case (and discarding using stereo setup), I would recommend for each char height in a photo to place a Shape Polyline ( 2 vertices base and hi part) whre 2nd vertex (hi part of burnt area) is measured in at least 2 images....
General / Re: Import Laser Scans
« Last post by Alexey Pasumansky on May 12, 2021, 06:12:29 PM »
Hello ugo,

The problem seems to be related to the indirect order definition used in the file, instead of row/column index provided for each point.

At the moment such data representation is not supported (most likely, the support will not be included to the 1.7.3 update), so the solution at this point is to re-process the original scans in the native scanner application (providing that there's an option to use direct point indexing) or to re-save/convert E57 files in some point cloud utility that will add the direct indexing.
General / Re: Measure 3D height from 2D image
« Last post by AnnaS on May 12, 2021, 06:02:46 PM »
Thank you for explaining again, Paul.

I see now that placing a point at the top of the char height and then fixing it in a few more images will place the marker correctly in the 3D model. However, it's not clear to me how this helps me measure the char height. I don't know of a tool other than the ruler to measure between the two markers. Do you have any suggestions? The height of the char in the 2D image is roughly the same whether before I mark the char with points (image pre) or after (image post).
Same for GeoTiff export.
It seems like the GeoTiff standard also includes webp encoding now.

That would massively reduce the data size for many of your users!
General / Re: K3 or not
« Last post by Alexey Pasumansky on May 12, 2021, 05:47:24 PM »
Hello Maciek,

Via Tools Menu -> Camera Calibration dialog -> Fixed parameters dialog you can select which calibration coefficients shouldn't be adjusted, so if their initial value is "zero", they will not be adjusted, if fixed.
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