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Добрый день,

Возможно, неправильно выбран Projection plane - не в ту сторону? Попробуйте с Current View, предварительно нужным образом выставив вид в Model view.
Hello sam.b,

Can you please send an example of the such project to and also specify the build number of 2.0.0 version that you are using?
It would be sufficient to have only the part of the point cloud (dense cloud) in the project copy, but use Compact Point Cloud option to reduce the project size.
Hello alobo,

If you have exterior orientation loaded to the Reference pane in a form of XYZ coordinates and Euler rotation angles, you can use quick layout script ( that will be applied to all Not Aligned images in the chunk.
General / Re: Assign the proper camera location and orientation to the single image
« Last post by alobo on November 23, 2022, 06:24:40 PM »
I actually have the whole flight and generated the mosaic with Metashape,
but I wish an easy way to inspect the original photos for particular areas in the mosaic.
It would be enough to just have the original photos with approximate georeferencing from position and
Bug Reports / Generate planar orthomosaic doesn't use right coordinates
« Last post by Jahel on November 23, 2022, 05:06:44 PM »

I'm having the same issue on different works, every time I try to generate and export the orthophoto the JGW/TFW... file has wrong coordinate system.
My workflow is always the same, and never had this problem:

- align
- marker placement
- optimizing
- topography entry
- update
- ...
- ...
- Generate orthomosaic

Sometimes, if I use pictures from UAS, I leave the GNSS coordinates of the images for the alignment but I clear them before entering any marker.
The exported dense cloud is in the correct coordinate system, I assume that the problem is in the orthophoto generation phase or am I wrong?
The only thing I've noticed is that if I click on the "estimate" button in geographic the coordinates are in the right system, if I estimate them in Planar they change to the wrong one.
Any advice?
I really appreciate any help you can provide.

Metashape V: Professional 1.8.4 build 14856 (64bit)
Hello Alexey Pasumansky,
I have disabled both options but nothing has changed in XYZ.txt.
I noticed that even if you uncheck "Enable transform" and apply, after closing the window and reopening it, "Enable transform" is checked.
General / Re: Ply point cloud sequence, batch process meshing
« Last post by Alexey Pasumansky on November 23, 2022, 04:11:55 PM »
Hello brrarmboolay,

If you are using Professional edition of Metashape you can use Python scripting for this task.
General / Re: incomplete point selection in point clouds
« Last post by Alexey Pasumansky on November 23, 2022, 04:10:39 PM »
Hello Kiesel,

Can you please check, if Visible Selection is enabled in the drop-down menu on the Toolbar for the selection tools?
Hello alobo,

Do you also (like in the linked thread) have only the projections of the markers in the pixel coordinates and XYZ coordinates of the related real-world points?
General / Re: network parallel processing
« Last post by Alexey Pasumansky on November 23, 2022, 03:58:40 PM »
Hello jetdog6,

Each node instance (shown in the bottom part of Agisoft Network Processing dialog can be assigned to the single task at a time. After the node completes the sub-task, it will receive the next one from the server - it could be the sub-task related to the same batch or from another one, depending on the tasks priority, node capability and server scheduling mode (parallel or sequential).
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