Author Topic: Esper Triggerbox + Smartshooter ?  (Read 343 times)

John Root

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Esper Triggerbox + Smartshooter ?
« on: December 12, 2018, 02:48:31 AM »
I'm building out a head scanner that will be made from 50 Canon T7i

Seems like I want to be triggering them via Esper Trigger Box. However, that doesn't seem to provide any way to control cameras or download images. For that, it appears I want Smartshooter + a bunch of USB hubs.

My question is, how do these two systems work together?

Physically, how do they connect? Or do they?
Does Smartshooter tell Esper to trigger?
Or do I trigger from Esper, and then Smartshooter just sees the images and downloads?
People who are doing this, are you constantly alt+tab 'ing between the two pieces of software?
Does there exist a single solution that does both?


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Re: Esper Triggerbox + Smartshooter ?
« Reply #1 on: August 05, 2019, 08:31:14 PM »
Hi John,
I'm sure that you are already set up by now, but just in case in can help you or anyone else, here's the answer:
Smartshooter + Esper trigger box is a solid solution. Both don't have to communicate together at all. Smartshooter is controlling the cameras by USB (mostly settings synchronization). Esper is controlling the trigger only, via the trigger jack from the camera. Once you trigger, all of the files get downloaded and catalogued by Smartshooter. Now to answer your last question, yes it is possible to do all of that with a single solution (disclaimer, I'm part of that company): Look for Xangle Camera Server for Photogrammetry. It does the triggering (with accuracy) and everything else you're going to need (sync settings, file management, preview, etc)