Author Topic: I need to make a multiple camera rig  (Read 735 times)


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I need to make a multiple camera rig
« on: December 21, 2018, 07:20:43 AM »
Hello everyone.

I have a project that requires me to set up about 10 cameras shooting  at the same time.
For the time being I don't have the budget to buy DSLRS so I was wondering if that would be possible with point and shoot cameras.
I obviously would love it if I get anything close to 20mp resolution if that would help a bit to generate more details in photoscan.
Can anyone point me to the right direction to make this happen?

Alexey Pasumansky

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Re: I need to make a multiple camera rig
« Reply #1 on: December 25, 2018, 01:44:28 PM »
Hello dennisn,

There was some old post related to building the camera rig from quite cheap components:
Best regards,
Alexey Pasumansky,
AgiSoft LLC