Author Topic: Merged Chunk has No Region  (Read 130 times)


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Merged Chunk has No Region
« on: January 14, 2019, 08:42:28 PM »
Hello Agisoft Forum
Today i came across an unusual problem. I merged 2 chunks (both of them with a T- Transformed ok - and with regions of their own) but  the final Merged Chunk has no region. I have checked the setting SHOW Region for all 3 of them, and it appears to be active for all chunks.

Obviously, when i try to make a DEM or a MESH with the final merged chunk, Metashape comes up with an error which says ..Grid is too big, or something like Zero points i cant produce a final mesh from the Merged Chunk.

I have re-done the Merged chunk few times but i always have  the same problem.

I have updated  a couples of days ago to the latest version of Metashape (professional version).
I'm kinda stuck. Any thoughts?