Author Topic: option to replace or duplicate default object (mesh/orthomosaic etc)  (Read 2812 times)


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It would be nice to have a little checkbox alongside tools like decimate mesh, build orthomosaic, build mesh etc that allows you to leave the current default mesh/ortho intact and create a duplicate instead. A bit like the existing option that pops up when you import a new mesh when there is already a default present.

This would save having to duplicate these first, which can take a long time for large objects.

I realise that if there is no current default model or ortho then building them will create a new object alongside the old, but that doesn't work for things like decimate/smooth mesh.

One last thing... it would also be nice to make the current default mesh/ortho etc more easily visible by making it bold or with a little icon or something as the current way of differentiating by using italic or plain text is not very clear.
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