Author Topic: Photo Alignment does the whole process but the result is 0 cameras aligned  (Read 1228 times)


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Hi. I am facing a very weird issue. My computer doesn´t align the photos no matter what set of photos I use. It seems that the process doesn´t work correctly in my computer. It goes through the whole process and then the result is 0 alignment (maybe one or two potos aligned). It´s weird cause I sent my pictures to a friend and he is able to allign everything without any problem. Also, all the other process works fine but in my computer seems that alignment never works. It process it and then the result is 0. Is it a hardware problem? maybe drivers? Any advice would be apreciated.

My computer is old but I always managed to process stuff with it even if it's pretty slow.
Specs: 32 GB DDR3 ram. AMD radeon 6970. i7-2600. z6mx-ud2h-b3. Windows 7 Pro x64.
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Dave Martin

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I can't help you personally but couple of items it would help others to advise are:
1) What version of PhotoScan MetaShape do you have on your PC?
2) What version of PhotoScan MetaShape does your friend have on their PC?
3) Can you post (attach) the console log for a failed run from your PC?