Author Topic: Principal point coordinates always 0 in Inpho.prj file  (Read 5392 times)


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Principal point coordinates always 0 in Inpho.prj file
« on: April 02, 2019, 12:35:33 PM »

I have recently spent a lot of time trying to understand the way the interior camera calibration works in Photoscan.
I export the cameras to an Inpho.prj file and I noticed that the values displayed under "Tools"->"Camera Calibration..." (both the adjusted and initial values) vary greatly from the ones shown in the Inpho.prj file.
And I noticed that no matter what values are displayed for cx and cy under "Camera Calibration...", the "$PRINCIPAL_POINT_PPA" parameter in the inpho file is always zero. I tried manually inserting values with the "precalibrated" option and the "fix calibration" option checked but the principal point in the inpho file was still at zero.

Is it in the nature of the Inpho.prj format to ignore the principal point or am I making a mistake?

Any help will be much appreciated!