Author Topic: Disabling Blue Markers when using CTs  (Read 2220 times)


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Disabling Blue Markers when using CTs
« on: June 06, 2019, 06:42:17 AM »
Hi All,
I’m wondering if there is a way to disable or remove all blue marker projections or another means to solve the problem I’m having. 
The problem is as follows: I’m building some models of long transects using coded targets as GCPs. I’ve chosen to detect the markers and input marker coordinates before aligning cameras to minimise warping which I’ve noticed in previous models. Sometimes, however, the marker detection is quite low.  When this happens, I have been aligning the cameras, filtering cameras by marker, placing markers to reach a threshold number of projections, then realigning the cameras and building the model from scratch (This saves me having to troll through 2000 photos to find the markers, especially considering marker detect often finds at least 2 points and projects grey flags for the rest once aligned).  The issue I’m having is that Metashape places blue markers on photos, often in slightly incorrect places or in photos I wouldn’t chose to scale, when I remove these blue markers, Metashape often replaces them. 
Is there a way to turn this off, or remove the blue markers without manually trolling through 2000 cameras? I had heard mention of a script that would remove the markers but I’m hoping for an easier way that doesn’t add an extra step to the workflow.
Thanks in advance!

Alexey Pasumansky

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Re: Disabling Blue Markers when using CTs
« Reply #1 on: June 06, 2019, 02:18:18 PM »
Hello Doszpot,

If you need to remove all "unpinned" marker projections (blue flags) from the chunk it can be done via Python scripting:
Code: [Select]
import Metashape
chunk =
for marker in chunk.markers:
    for camera in list(marker.projections.keys()):
        if not marker.projections[camera].pinned:
            marker.projections[camera] = None

If you are observing incorrect detection of the coded-targets on some images, please send such photos to and specify the tolerance value that you are using for detection.
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