Author Topic: 2D/horizontal (x,y) vs. 1D/vertical (z) markers and accuracy  (Read 1848 times)


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There may be a way of doing this which I haven't yet discovered (please provide instructions if there is) but we really need a means creating 2D (i.e. horizontal) markers... i.e where only x,y coordinates were able to be measured. Also, where 3D markers are used (i.e. the only kind of marker I'm aware of in the current version) it would be very useful indeed to differentiate between 2D/horizontal (x,y) and 1D/vertical (z) marker accuracy, as the two are often very different indeed (e.g. when using GNSS to survey marker locations). Using just one overall Accuracy for each marker is very limiting when it comes to bundle adjustment with markers surveyed by different means or in different conditions.

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Re: 2D/horizontal (x,y) vs. 1D/vertical (z) markers and accuracy
« Reply #1 on: June 19, 2019, 07:48:28 PM »
Hello radar_boy,

Actually it is already possible to input individual accuracy for X, Y and Z coordinates, it can be done using "slash" separator in Set Accuracy dialog, for example:
XY/Z or X/Y/Z.

So for "planar" markers you can use 0.05/10000 accuracy and for "vertical" markers: 10000/0.05. I would suggest, however, to use the values that are related to the covered area, even if the corresponding parameter is defined with the low accuracy.
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