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I had to turn the object upside down to photo its base, and such will be something many other users will need to do.
This is just basic workflow for those requiring the basic simple program, objects do have bottoms !
This does not require Pro at 3500 price versus 179, a price that is to pay for its  GIS geomapping and other advanced stuff which I and others have no need of whatsoever.
I come to add markers as per the video on youtube bringing together a flint .

I simply need for basic work markers to tie the two halves of the flint together, not interested at all in georeferincing or other such advanced things, but just the basic task of telling agisoft how to bring two models together ignoring the baseboard that is obviously otherwise going to confuse the hell out of the program as it has moved relative to the object when object turned upside down.
I have deleted it out in mesh of each chunk keeping in a portion for scale.
I also see scale only exists in pro, again thats a basic need to give a size to the model, must we pay 3500 v 179 just to have a size for it ? Surely standard use should see a size being possible ?

There are no markers as such anymore in the standard edition. This basic tool has been removed. Other users have also posted on this loss, they used to have access to markers so as to help bring two meshes together, now removed.

Standard edition as such cannot do a standard job anymore.

As others have also said they dont need all the advanced extras and a price tag of 3500 to pay for them.

It should be though that a basic tool to assist bringing two models together for what is a standard requirement exists in the basic program.

What other method then is there to perform this standard requirement ? I have bought Agisoft to do this, and after 5 days intensive photography with 5000 photos  I have lots of objects I have photographed where I have had to turn them upside down. Now the marker tool is no longer there.

Its basic model making from objects on the floor or a gridded table. not for profit, I am not a business, its a hobby. I dont have 350 let alone 3500.

Pro has now the markers that used to exist in standard, as posters say. 3500 versus 179  I cannot find that money just to assist bring two models together making Agisoft ignore the baseboard. A standard function which should be in standard edition. merge chunks by points sees it use baseboard and I get a mess.

I am gutted. just dont know what to do now. 179 spent and stuck, basic wont do basic.. and only the old version will work on perfectly ok photos the newer versions fail on.

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Hello Steve,

I don't think markers have been ever available in Standard edition. At least not in 1.x.x versions.

What you can do "manually" in Metashape Standard to align the chunks - is to use Rotate Object, Scale Object, Resize Object tools. Apply these transformations to all the chunks - and you'll be able to see them together in Show Aligned mode. At first to have the chunks displayed in the same space you can just apply Move Object tool to both of your chunks, and then apply other transformations if necessary.
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to try and move a model around until it matches perfectly with another visually would be horrendous to do.
There are no nudge commands, I struggle rotating the model with the ball.
In CAD you need to bring two items together at one know point, then use that as origin to then rotate about soyou can swing the second object in, though you need plan view, right view, front view windows to gradually get the two aligned, this would be exceptionally difficult, enough to cause a grown man to cry. to have no identifiable points to relate to just textures and no orthographic windows, sorry that isnt possible.

It simply needs a basic tool, click points 1 2 and 3 on first and point 1 2 and 3 on second, say bring together, done.

a basic tool for a basic need., we do have to photograph bottoms of objects.

to be expected to try and use rotate and match two objects together when one is praising agisoft for its accuracy, to throw away that accuracy for the sake of this basic tool for the basic prog, I cant accept that, I was so enjoying Agisoft standard when it did work, and to have to try and bring by models together without a standard CAD world orient on 3 point command as rhino would call it, I am truly gutted.

also can we not have a scale ?

I just dont need all the advanced stuff we pay for in pro, just for that marker tool, this is a basic tool for simple aligning two models.

I am not alone in asking this.

Just dont know now how to progress, maybe export each bit of my object to another free mesh prog and use that prog to align them ?