Author Topic: Mask Import Not Respecting Photo Orientation  (Read 1020 times)


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Mask Import Not Respecting Photo Orientation
« on: July 20, 2019, 01:12:14 AM »
Not sure if this counts as a bug or a feature request.

The problem is as follows:
1. Some cameras, even nice ones, do not have the ability to disable auto-rotation on images
2. Photoshop does not preserve orientation metadata when saving out masks
3. Metashape uses the orientation information to display the photo with the correct orientation, but does not take it into account when importing masks.

This will cause the mask to either come in with the wrong orientation, or it will throw an "Image Size Mismatch" error.

Photos can have their orientation fixed manually in windows explorer, or a similar workaround can be done to force the mask to use the same orientation. Workarounds like this add extra hands-on work and leave more room for user error.

I'd absolutely love it if Metashape would use the embedded orientation data to rotate the imported mask data to the correct orientation automatically by assuming each image already has its "up" direction correctly set. I"m sure others would too!
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