Author Topic: Mis-alignmened pictures in UAV project  (Read 1393 times)


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Mis-alignmened pictures in UAV project
« on: August 08, 2019, 03:15:01 PM »
Hi All,

I have UAV(Mavic Pro2) project where a part of my pictures don't align or align in some sort of sphere shape. Because it is only part of my picterues that don't align I'm confident that the overlap in my flight plan is sufficient. The pictures not aligning contain, beach forest and water so i'm guessing part of the problem is relatd to the surface cover types. I'm just curious if it is possible to play around with the Agisoft settings to force metashape into alignment. In the near future i'd like to return to the location and where possible optimize the flight plan to ensure correct alignment

Project details:
- .dng pictures (relative 'dark' if you ask me?), a subset of 280 pictures of which 120 are not aligning propperly. The original dataset contains over 1100 pictuers wich are aligning just fine, just this spatial subset is not working.
- On each location a nadir and off-nadir picture. Locatoins are spaced 40 meters apart and flown at 100m, despite the exif metadata suggestin 65 meters.

What kind of steps would you recommend to try? I played around with different levels of accuracy, watermasks and all the other alignment options. Also I'm wondering if I could do some image processing or if it helps to explose the camera calibration possibilities?

Enclosed there is a picture of the resulting alignment test and a sample picture.

Tahnks for your comments!