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Clean Sparse Cloud - Noisy Dense Cloud
« on: September 11, 2019, 06:21:55 PM »
Dear Community,

I have a problem which is new.
Since a few weeks my Dense Clouds are very noisy and dirty although I have cleaned and cutted my sparse cloud (remove Background and markers).

General Workflow:

- Align Cameras (key-Point-Limit: 100,000; Tie-Point limit: 0)
- Grad-Sel (Reconstruction accuracy and Projection accuracy; both 10)
- Build Mesh (Sparse cloud, Medium)
- Import Masks (from Model, Replacement)
- Build Dense Cloud (high, Depth-filtering: Aggressive)

I did not change anything but since a few weeks it looks like my maks were ignored during Dense-Cloud-Building.
The Masks are imported on every picture, so thats not the problem.

I would be very happy about help!

Vio  :)

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