Author Topic: Import 360 images and calibrate for texturing  (Read 6048 times)


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Import 360 images and calibrate for texturing
« on: September 30, 2019, 11:39:09 PM »
I've measured a room exactly and model it in a 3d modeling software(3d studio max) . (four walls and floor)
start a new project in agisoft metashape import 3d model of room.
now i have captured 360 views of this room using 360 camera(mi sphere). using these images i want to generate texture for 3d mode.

how can i place 360 cameras in room in agisoft and generate texture.

image 1 shows imported room 3d model screenshot.
image 2 shows what i am trying to do.

and how to do the same for multistory story large buildings. (generate model in 3d software and texture in agisoft metashape)