Author Topic: 3Dconnexion SpaceMouse Wireless in Metashape professional 1.5.5 build 9087 64bit  (Read 2126 times)

Isaac H. E.

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Hello Alexey,

Good evening, I'm in the process of setting up and getting used to a 3Dconnexion SpaceMouse Wireless (running latest released drivers) to be used in Metashape professional 1.5.5 build 9087 64bit.

As can be seen in the attached screenshot I have configured the SpaceMouse within Metashape to my taste, however when I tilt (not move) the controller forward or backward I'm getting a mixed camera movement consisting of the expected displacement of the camera upward or downward but it also a zoom in/out. Note that I'm being careful not to mix different axis inputs simultaneously when operating the SpaceMouse.

I believe this mixed displacement + zoom is happening because when the SpaceMouse is used in other applications like a web browser or a text editor, tilting the controller up or down causes the same effect that a mouse wheel would have on the scroll bar (moving up or down the body of the text/page) and this is not disabled within Metashape.

Would it be possible to provide a fix for this unwanted behavior?

Further to my previous input I would like to point out that the current implementation of the SpaceMouse within Metashape is very limiting when compared to the options offered by the manufacturer drivers. For instance, I would like to see an option to switch from model movement (which I believe that is how Metashape is currently working) to camera movement (the controller input is similar to how an helicopter controls would work).
Is there any chance to implement SpaceMouse devices so that the configurations in the manufacturer setup/control panel are not ignored within Metashape (in that case Metashape controller setting would have to be eliminated to avoid conflicting redundancy), like they are currently are?

Best regards