Author Topic: ~60x longer to export tiled dense cloud than single cloud (3 billion points)  (Read 3291 times)


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I stopped a tiled dense cloud export this AM (3 billion points) that had created ~10 thousand 1km x 1km tiles on a ~500km x ~500m section of coast that's sort of v-shaped. It was 16 hours in and reported >16 hours to go.

Exporting the entire cloud as a single file took ~34 minutes. It looks like maybe there's a "blind" tiling of the region before anything else that generated the 10 thousand tiles when it should only be 500 - 1000 tiles at most? I'm not sure why everything slowed down so much, but wanted to report. Happy to provide more info if it helps.


Alexey Pasumansky

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Hello Andy,

Which version of Metashape you are using? And how the point cloud is oriented in the coordinate system (maybe you can post a scheme or overview of the cloud in XY axis of the geographic system)?

If you have the log related to the export, it could be also helpful.
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Alexey Pasumansky,
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