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Aligning additional photo
« on: February 20, 2020, 04:52:27 PM »
Hi, I've got a good reconstruction but I've got an area I'd like to add more detail too, so I want to take and align an additional photo with the existing reconstruction."

If I add this single image and try to "align selected camera" or "align photos" without ("reset current alignment" selected) then it NEVER aligns. I can't seem to get it picked up correctly at all.

If I "reset current alignment" wen running the full "align photos" it works perfectly, every time, but this means I need to recreate everything (model texture) from scratch rather than simply adding this additional photo to the texture.

How can I more reliability of add a new photo after everything has been aligned already?

(Note: Tools -> Preferences -> Advanced -> "Keep Key Points" is enabled and I've confirmed that I've recreated my original alignment and kept the key points by seeing that the option is available to duplicate them to a new chunk)

Thanks in advance,