Author Topic: Issue with Colorizing the Dense Cloud from the texture  (Read 1523 times)

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Issue with Colorizing the Dense Cloud from the texture
« on: February 23, 2020, 12:15:59 AM »
Hi Mr. Pasumansky:

I have a set of modified images (in place of images I actually used for making the point cloud) with the same naming as original photos. After building dense cloud and mesh, I am using Change Path operation to replace the original images with modified images. The modified images have some patches of interest highlighted in blue color (0,0,255).

After that, I am generating the texture using modified images and also use Colorizing the Dense Cloud (from the Tools Menu in order to apply the new colors to the points). Now I have to locate the points which are colored in blue (corresponding to my blue patches in my modified images used for texturing). The problem is the color of the points colorized to blue color is not exactly (0,0,255). Is there any way to identify these? I need to use only these points to do some operations like volume calculations and projections on to a plane.

Please indicate if there is a way to locate these points which are a shade of blue and not exactly (0,0,255)

Yeshwanth Sai
Master's student at Virginia Tech