Author Topic: "Capture View" - Contour lines disappering when export high resolution image  (Read 1361 times)


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I want to export an image that is overlain by contour lines by using "Capture View". The image was used for alignment and contours were generated based on DEM. However, with that standard resolution 1719x485 px the contour lines are visible. When I increase the resolution to the original image size, no contour lines are visible. I think when increasing the resolution the contour lines stay the same thickness and thereby disappear.
Any ideas on how one can adjust contour line thickness in Agisoft or fix this problem?

Greetings Toffer


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I'm also facing this problem.
I need to make large format (A1-A0) physical prints at 100-300 dpi, so those lines just disappear.

Also, the DEM Palette values legend, scale bar and x,y axis disappear too.

Could these item sizes, thicknesses, be determined by a ratio/% of the viewport, rather than absolute pixel sizes?



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The Capture View is a nice option, but unfortunately no scaling control is offered. Unless you just want a screen resolution copy the feature is sort of useless.  This has been mentioned before but Agisoft must not consider it important as nothing has changed.  Control over annotation of any kind in the application is very weak.  You get what you get. You could add your voices to a feature request to have vector objects tied to an actual formatting toolkit.

A workaround is to move the data to QGIS or something else where you have some control.
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