Author Topic: Shortcut key option for chunk info (currently only right-click context menu)  (Read 1023 times)


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I can get a lot of useful comparison metrics from the chunk info, and right now I have to manually right-click and mouse into the window and click before I can hit ctrl-A to select all, then Ctrl-c to copy, then alt-tab to switch to calc and ctrl-v to paste and several more keyboard only commands to extract the right column and copy-paste again, transpose, and go down a column for next row of input.

I could script all of this with keyboard-only and iterate through a project with dozens of chunks (like the one I'm doing painfully by hand and wrist now) if I had one hotkey that worked to pull up info on the highlighted (gray background) chunk, not the active bolded chunk. Also it would need to shift the active focus to that window so a ctrl-A would select all.

If I had the ability to set a custom hotkey for chunk info, it would be most wonderful.
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