Author Topic: Camera Calibration, Mavic 2 Pro, Agisoft Metashape Standard, NO GCP  (Read 7766 times)


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Hello Everyone,

I a newbie here and this will be my first post : )

In this post, Alexey Pasumansky stated this for better autocalibration results..."For more accurate and stable autocalibration results it is suggested to have the camera 180 degree rotated in the end of flight lines, as it gives more information to the algorithms."

My question is...Would is be helpful to re-run another flight over the same area with 180 degree camera (rotated strait down)?  The reason I ask, is that I use Pix4D capture to run the grid pattern of my flight with 70 degree camera setting in their software.  And it would be much simpler to just re-run another flight.  Also, curious if it would give me a better texture if I wanted the ground isolated and it was its own object.

This post helped me a TON!

James, great tip...
Out of habit, after alignment, i also used Model->Gradual Selection to remove points with reprojection error greater than 0.3, reconstruction uncertainty greater than 100, and projection accuracy greater than 10 before doing an optimize, before building the mesh and orthomosaic, but the big difference was in enabling rolling shutter correction.

Paulo, thanks for sharing your settings...
Alignment parameters   
Accuracy   High
Generic preselection   Yes
Reference preselection   Source
Key point limit   50,000
Tie point limit   5,000
Guided image matching   No
Adaptive camera model fitting   Yes

I do not understand what Paulo is talking about this part of his post...
my error was checking the image orientation values (yaw, pitch, roll) in adjustment. After unchecking the orientation angles, I now get results very similar to James for camera center position coordinates (errors less than 2 m)... It seems that the Gimbal Yaw values are quite erroneous in this drone, while pitch and roll are good.  If someone could explain that would be great!

I included my results after utilizing the settings suggested in the post.  The only thing I found different is that I am using the standard version.  This brings me to my next question.  I would intermittently get the error " ! Some photos failed to align. "  I don't understand why sometimes it would take most of the photos then other times it would not take hardly any of them.  Is this because I am not using the Pro version and it is not reading the GPS data?
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