Author Topic: Calculating extra bands in Raster Calc then Exporting Ortho  (Read 1635 times)


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I have a 6 band Altum Micasense camera. I want to tack on a bunch of extra index calculations so I don't have to do this in ArcGIS.

Bands 1-5 are the visual converted to reflectance
Band 6 is thermal converted to Celsius
Bands 7-12 are my extra calculated bands

I want a 12 band raster with all those calculated bands. I know that "Index Value" in the Export Ortho is how you activate the calculations, but the resulting image is totally grey.

Index Color is for the Palette, checking "Enable Transform" gives only 3 bands. None in Export Ortho gives the original 6 bands.

What is the trick to get all 12 bands with the calculations in the Raster Calculator performed?

I am able to export a raster with the first 6 bands in my list (the normal Altum bands), and a separate raster with the last 6 bands (my 6 bonus calculated bands) just fine, but not all of them together without being grey.
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Re: Calculating extra bands in Raster Calc then Exporting Ortho
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Well, you know, I understand you'd like to have all the 12 bands together, but look at your functions's ranges first.
And answer  to yourself, which bitrate you can assign to the resulting TIFF to store all the desired bands "lossless"?

reflectances are unsigned float32 normalized to 0..1

temperature - SIGNED float and not normalized to 1

indices - mostly -1 to 1 and also signed
and simple ratio (that labeled as Fe2O3) is a function with  infinite range.

I'd suppose to normalize all the channels you need so that they'll have similar ranges and will be able to store well in one predefined bitrate.