Author Topic: DIY : UAV checkerboard targets  (Read 134 times)


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DIY : UAV checkerboard targets
« on: August 01, 2020, 12:45:41 PM »
Hello everyone,

I'm trying to find tips or tutorials on whats the best way to make your own UAV GCP targets for archaeological survey.

So far I would be going for this :

60 x 60 cm
material : 10 mm MDF (not sure if wood is the way to go...)

White primer on all targets + exterior mate varnish
Then mate black vinyl stickers to make 2 x 15 cm² per target to make the "checkerboard" aspect

Then drill a hole in the center for a topographic nail with maybe a metal eyelet to reinforce the hole.

Please tell me what you think or if you know a good DIY tutorial available online?

I would like to make 30 targets like that

Thanks a lot guys!

Keep scanning!