Author Topic: Orthomosaics cutting out large numbers of images and point cloud  (Read 535 times)


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I am using the Python API to generate orthomosiacs and I have noticed that very straight lines are being cut out of my orthos which I thought was a problem of the bounding box being the wrong size (see attached). However, after re-sizing the bounding box manually and then re-processing the DEM and orthomosaic, the result has not changed. Thus, I am wondering if this is caused by a failure to merge some of the image blocks together (again, see attached)? Because this is really a big problem, because in all of these orthomosaics we have lost a large amount of data, but when I open the project it appears that the point cloud has this data included, but it does not appear in my orthomosaic.

Is it just that a block of images could not be merged to the rest and thus they are being left out no matter what I do, or is there something else going on? I can gladly share the project file if necessary.