Author Topic: Agisoft Delighting vs Unity Delighting Vs Substance Alchemist Delighting?  (Read 14786 times)


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Just a quick question, Agisoft offers Delighting in Metashape and in standalone Agisoft Delighter, how does it offer with other Delighting methods that are there...? Mainly i know (and talking about) Delighting in Unity engine and delighting using the Substance Alchemist aplication... ARe they more or less the same or is one significantly better/worse?



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Re: Agisoft Delighting vs Unity Delighting Vs Substance Alchemist Delighting?
« Reply #1 on: November 28, 2020, 02:41:20 AM »
Unity engine delighting is similar to "Remove shading" option in Delighter and Metashape. Difference is that Delighter uses more sophisticated algorithm and should handle cases of mismatched geometry and texture better plus generating less artifacts. On the other hand it currently lacks GPU acceleration and is noticeably slower

Substance alchemist uses some machine learning implementation while Delighter uses classic approach. I haven't not compared them side by side, and can't provide much useful information, but showcase examples look promising. One possible issue with application of Alchemist to 3D model textures is that treating texture atlas as a picture and not a mapping of 3D surface may lead to strong artifacts on chart seams


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I tried delighting in Alchemist on an imported photo a half year ago and got an impression it does just a bit more advanced hi-pass, nothing more.   I clearly saw typical shading hallo around contrast edges.    Am I wrong and they advanced  it since?    That's another thing to compare.    I happen to obtain a licence before they went cloud only.    it works with RAW or exr files and do quite a nice job except  small/tiny detail shadows  which are always  still there.  And it  works well on source images only.    On final texture , even build with HDR option it leaves shadow ghosts anyway and works not that good at all.