Author Topic: Select Camera overlay in Model view to locate Photo  (Read 889 times)


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Select Camera overlay in Model view to locate Photo
« on: August 30, 2020, 10:48:03 PM »
Currently, if the Camera Position overlay is active in the model view, when you select a photo in the Photo Pane, the Camera in the overlay becomes active. 

What would be much more efficient when locating photos that contain Control Points is if the Camera in the Model View could be selected and it's associated Photo is opened and highlighted in the Photo Pane.  Basically the opposite of what is available now.  Image labels can be displayed which makes it possible to identify which photo is which.  But it would be nice if you could simply click on the camera and open the image.

I would like to see both selection methods available.  The current one and it's opposite.


Note: in the attachment, the active image has been given a true active theme border to indicate it is active.  This goes along with the general feature request of a more contrasting theme oriented notification application wide. Currently, it is only darkened to show it's status which is not great.   
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