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Hide Backfaces ("Dollhouse View")
« on: December 01, 2020, 09:18:04 PM »
The ability to hide backfaces (="Dollhouse View") is really important for modelling interiors.

Suppose that you want to produce a public-facing diagram of the layout of rooms and passages and steps (etc.) in an old theatre, or the layout of the interior spaces in an art gallery or a floor of a stately home (or a network of underground access tunnels).
You'll want to use a view "looking down" on the network of rooms/corridors/tunnels from above and outside, in which case everything that you want to show will be obscured by ceilings and obstructing walls.
There needs to be an option to make all the unwanted backfaces automatically invisible.

I've been doing some interiors, and it's a giant pain to have to make a copy of the model and manually cut away all the obstructing detail, only for someone to suggest another view, so you have to go back to the original model and start cutting away stuff again.

This should be automatic. The software is already recognising all the facets that point away from the observer and dealing with those facets differently for display (displaying them darker), all we'd need is a toggle option to just not show them.

I was rather tempted to create a short rotating video of the layout of an interior space, but no way am I going to create two hundred versions of the same model with different parts cut away for every frame!