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XML Blocks Exchange import issue
« on: January 05, 2021, 02:25:27 PM »
Hey !

I'd like to import cameras positions and calibrations data produced by ContextCapture so I managed to get an XML Blocks Exchange file as well as the concerned cameras. I precise that I've loaded NGF-IGN69 geoid model (EPSG::5119) which is used as coordinate system in my project.

As an example, here is a part of the XML Blocks Exchange :
Code: [Select]
          <ExifData />

Here is now the export of the estimated view reference pan of Metashape after importing XML :
Code: [Select]
x : 705884.750718
y : 7061439.176307
z : 817.664289
omega : -179.987093
phi : 0.012384
kappa : 0.000929

Regarding planimetrics data, the three lasts decimals are skipped, which is right.
The altimetric value seems to be modified, it passes from around 773 to 817m. Omega, phi and kappa data are also modified. Basically, cameras orientations are inverted upward instead of being downward (see attachment).
Cameras calibrations groups (obliques and nadirs) are also skipped.
For further investigations, I could also attached the XML concerned.

Could you precise how data are converted from the XML Blocks Exchange to the Metashape so I could figure if the issue comes from natives data, transformations applied, or my workflow.

Thanx by advance.
Best regards