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Auto marker location
« on: January 13, 2021, 12:43:33 PM »
I figured I would add this to the "requests" section. There are plenty of requests and I haven't scrolled through all of them. So for a first mention, I thought I would focus on the automatic placement of markers after a few are manually placed. I didn't have the option on for a long time and then selected it. I generally don't like it much due to the constant readjustment AND placement of the blue flags. Then you have to manually go through and if it's placed incorrectly, or say on an area that I'm not comfortable saying is correct (say due to focus), you have to right click, remove marker.

Sometimes I think just moving and adjusting the grey flame markers would be better. It is good practice to go through and check our markers, but it is much easier to click through and do a simple single click on a grey marker to make it green. Sort of skip all the right click, move down, select remove marker, nonsense. This might also help with new blue flames being populated after adding one new green one. Seems I have to keep going back through the markers after adding one because it readjusts and re automatically places the blue one.

Or, another option I've been thinking about is making it so if you open the "show info" dialogue for a marker, and sort by error, you can easily inspect which images have a high marker placement error. But you can't simply correct it. You have to close the "show info" window, correct the marker and then reopen the "show info" window, then click to sort by error again. If this "show info" window could be changed into a new tab like "workspace" or "reference", then you could easily have that info open and quickly double click an image with said marker and high placement error, adjust marker, then double click the next image with that marker and so on.

It's just a thought but you folks at Agisoft do a damn good job of integrating suggestions and making this software super user friendly.