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Script Import Points - georferenced [R]
« on: February 05, 2021, 12:38:24 PM »
Hi guys,

i have the following problem:

I import via Python script a (unstructured) E57 point cloud.
works fine, however the [R] Tag is not assigned and therefore the data gets messe up when reexport in Potree file.

when i import manually the data gets assigned with the [R] georeference tag.

console says both imports are the same commands.

Does anyone know how to import via script and get the data georeferenced?

Code: [Select]
chunk.exportPoints(outputpath,source_data=Metashape.DataSource.DenseCloudData,clip_to_boundary=False, binary=True, save_normals=False,save_colors=True, save_classes=False, save_confidence=False, raster_transform=Metashape.RasterTransformType.RasterTransformNone, colors_rgb_8bit=False, comment='', save_comment=False, format=Metashape.PointsFormat.PointsFormatPotree,