Author Topic: POWERTOWER reconstruction after Detect POWERLINES  (Read 1384 times)


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POWERTOWER reconstruction after Detect POWERLINES
« on: February 17, 2021, 07:43:53 PM »
 :) . GREAT FEATURE. That feature can truly replace powerlines lidear scan. Much better since the result is pure 3D vector. The next problem is the power tower that is way too hollow for the proper 3d reconstruction. I have tried to get the dense point cloud from the really dense aero set of photos but the results were very poor dense cloud. No way to draw that tower from that data. I have tried to compare the point cloud taken by lidar scan and it was much denser. The photos were taken with 2cm ground resolution with the 85% overlap and the dense cloud was done by the ULTRA HIGH setup and disabled depth filtering.
Any idea ??