Author Topic: Parrot Sequoia + Reflectance Calibration Values  (Read 1940 times)


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Parrot Sequoia + Reflectance Calibration Values
« on: February 13, 2021, 09:56:43 PM »
Hey All--

The Parrot Sequoia+ reflectance calibration seems to remain an ongoing issue/ frustration. While others may have solved this, I, personally, have never gotten Metashape to automatically recognize the proper reflectance values for the bands. As the Sequoia+ doesn't export a .CSV file like the MicaSense, I always have to input the values manually. The one benefit of this is that it gives me the flexibility to select the target with the best exposure since Sequoia+ captures 3 images of the target with varying exposure. Per the calibration target, I'm using the following values: Green 0.189; Red 0.197; REG 0.221; NIR 0.255. I've included a pic of the target as well. Hope this helps some of y'all!