Author Topic: Pointers to an Agisoft Newbie  (Read 1772 times)


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Pointers to an Agisoft Newbie
« on: February 07, 2021, 09:06:58 PM »
I am completely new to Agisoft and wonder if anyone could point me to the right direction.
I was given a set of about 100 photo images in CR2 format of a 15m tall totem pole which  I wish to create a 3D mesh model from. I also have a registered set of laser data in .PTS format, but not color textured.

1) I suspect a variable zoom lens was used. Would Agisoft able to handle images of a variable focal length ?
2) I ran the Agisoft in demo mode using the menu layout workflow, i.e. import photos - > align photos -> build dense cloud etc. Agisoft was able to read and align the CR2 images, but I see the alignment yielded multiple group clusters. Is there way to manually create tie points on each photos or cluster groups to aid the alignment process ?
3) After alignment and dense cloud creation, is there a way to clean and edit the point clouds?
4) I also have a laser point cloud data set, that isn't color textured. Will Agisoft perform some sort of best geometrical fit and color texture the laser data ?

I appreciate for your help.

Thanks George 


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Re: Pointers to an Agisoft Newbie
« Reply #1 on: February 24, 2021, 01:45:05 PM »
Hello George,

looking for advice with another problem I stumbled upon your post - I can only make suggestions for your question number 3)

- You can select unnecessary parts of your dense cloud by using the selecting tools and delete them (screenshot1). By rightclicking on your dense cloud you can always restore it.
If it is difficult to select only a specific element in the dense cloud you can reduce your editing area by first selecting a smaller area --> then menu point "Tools" --> "Dense Cloud" --> "Filter by Selection" --> this may help with selecting & deleting more precisely from different angles etc

- In the menu point "Tools" --> "Dense Cloud" you can also use different filter + selecting tools -->  f.e. you can try out "Classify Points" and then use "Filter by Class" --> this may help you to select certain points
- Or use "Select Points by Color" if you want to clean out points with a destinct color (pick the color from the screen and vary the tolerance)
- I can also recommend "Filter by Confidence" if you f.e have elements in your dense cloud with a certain confidence (I tried it with Trees + vegetation f.e) --> switch to "Dense Cloud Confidence" (screenshot2) to see if you have areas that you could clean this way (probably only possible if you selected the option "Calculate point confidence" for building the dense cloud)

Not sure if this is what you need or if you already found answers, anyway
Cheers, faima