Author Topic: Georeferencing after creating orthomosaic  (Read 1013 times)


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Georeferencing after creating orthomosaic
« on: March 05, 2021, 07:24:38 PM »

Background info: I'm mosaicing underwater transects, so I do not have images with GPS coord attached. What I usually did in the past is to create a mosaic just from the pics, export it, import it in QGIS and georeference the mosaic there using the coordinate of one end of the transect and the estimated coord of the other end. CRS use was EPGS 32619.

Current situation: Now I'm in the same situation as background but also have few markers in the transect of which a I know the position relative to the transect.
- In metashape I built the mosaic as before but this time I also placed the markers on the pics before alignement with relative coordinates in meters (e.g.,  start (0,0); end (0,30); pt1 (2,10); pt3 (-2,15);...).
- used patch and Assign picture to fix mosaic' part that may be blurried
- I export the mosaic and import it in QGIS for referencing.

In QGIS for some reason I can't georeference all the mosaics I have. So I was looking for a way to georeference them directly from metashape.
Is there a way to assign the real world coordinates to markers and "update" the mosaic (without rebulding it) so that it can be exported in the CRS I need? I'd love not to have to rebuild the mosaic since I have spent quite some time on some of them improving their aspect in many places (i.e., procedure patch-> Assign picture-> mosaic update).