Author Topic: Cancel model draw and/or default to point cloud after model construction  (Read 3575 times)


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After I generate a model, PS defaults to color mesh view. But if I construct a model on High settings and click to model view, sometimes I have to wait for tens of minutes just for the model to render(?), before I can switch to point cloud view.

My system is dual quad core Xeon X5647 2.93GHz processors with two ATI  HD7970 GPUs and 192GB RAM. I have hyperthreading off and 2 cores disabled. Win7x64.

It would be nice if I could cancel rendering, or if I could switch to point cloud view before rendering is complete. As I write this it has been > 20 minutes while I wait for the blue circle to stop spinning. Model is 272 12MB images, 46882669 points 93756779 faces.


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Andy the mesh size is then 93 756 779 triangles. its just too much to fit in memory of the GPU, best of you set max value to aprox 40 mil triangles. then it will work in realtime..... to fit so large model in RAM of GPU you need Nvidia TITAN GPU with 6 GB Video RAM......

best it set the max size and its OK, the decimation is very good, you loose just very small ammount of details.....